This guide is probably a good alternative to the lack of a manual

Looks like a great resource. Btw, wasn’t it supposed to exist a game manual with the premium versions?

The physical disc version sold outside the US by Aerosoft comes with a basic manual. Sounds like it’s not anything really decent though.

I would honestly say you are better off with YouTube. The planes aren’t really detailed enough to warrant paying for a guide - even the ‘study level’ stuff in other sims can be flown from A to B with a Youtube video.

To anyone considering purchasing a guide for any simulator: YouTube search ‘TBM MSFS tutorial’ or along those lines first. And if you are really new to flight sims, search ‘basic flight tutorial MSFS/X-Plane/P3D’ etc.

I can almost guarantee you will gain more knowledge watching these videos than you would from almost any guide. Even Chuck’s DCS/X-Plane guides are free and they are the best aircraft specific PDF tutorials I have ever come across.


'Squirrel" has an entire series of excellent videos…


If you think the lack of a user manual is poor, wait till you look at the SDK documentation.
Almost every topic is still “TODO” …

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is there a physical copy version or just ebook

seems like a waste of money a lot of good resources out there for free

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I wanted to recommend the basic Squirrel tutorials, too. Especially for newbies like me. Basic tutorial #1 is already linked above but here is is again:

Once you have video #1, while watching it on YouTube directly (NOT through the forum display), if you press “SHIFT + N key,” you can navigate to each of Squirrel’s following tutorials in succession (there are about 11 basic ones). I particularly recommend tutorial #8 on LANDING. It’s orders of magnitude better than the AI tutorial on landing in MSFS. The preceding tutorial to that, #7 is on FLAPS and trim, a whole 17 min just on that. In the landing tutorial, he deliberately takes the time to demonstrate what it’s like to come in too high and come in too low. He carefully leads you through the dance of flaps, engine, pitch, rate of descent, etc. Great stuff.

The tutorials are presented extremely clearly and articulately in a very relaxed, easy-going manner. I guess you’d need a two-computer or a two-monitor setup with reduced graphics to do two screens side-by-side but Squirrel actually encourages you to emulate his instructions while you fly your Cessna 152 and watch him on another screen, emulating his maneuvers.

His video views within the cockpit are very smoothly done and it’s impressive if he’s done all the panning and zooming with just a mouse and perhaps some camera preset custom views (or maybe slick video editing?). I don’t think that I’ll ever approach his degree of manual dexterity and I’m hoping a TrackIR will give me some of the same facility to quickly look around and zoom in on controls within the cockpit.

Microsoft really ought to get someone like him to redo the tutorials and make it an official part of MSFS. The good thing about the AI tutorials that are built in is that it can hold you to standards at waypoints in the tutorial but as far as really teaching and explaining flying concepts it’s almost useless when you compare it to the level of Squirrel’s tutorials.

I particularly like Squirrel’s explanation in tutorial #1 on how to tune your graphics settings using Heathrow Airport with various cloud, daylight/nightime conditions, weather like rain, etc. It both introduces you to important graphics settings and gives you a good feel for what the sim can do, how framerate varies in various situations such as glass cockpit view, etc. Just that review of settings, as he shows you how it changes what you see in MSFS in amazing ways at Heathrow, is a big sell for the visual presentation in MSFS. It made me appreciate evermore the potential greatness lurking in the sim. The advice is not as advanced as some of the guide and forum advice here on graphics but it’s a great starting point for a newbie to learn about what makes the sim tick and he has a thorough review of the significance of almost all of the General and Assistance options settings.

@ZJikul, you really ought to recategorize this thread as a Wishlist request so we could all upvote it - or if the moderators allow it, have your cake and eat it, too, by leaving this thread as it and create another Wishlist voting thread and referring people there in your OP post here.



Yes – I would love to see Asobo’s QA do a Videos of the basics of Flying and testing the GA Planes as they currently are after the 3 patches …

Note: Squirrels’ video were made prior to any of the release updates :wink:
The Videos are among the best GA tutorials on the Internet … Thanks Squirrel :grinning:

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Yeah, I was wondering about that. Squirrel mentions it in his videos. The chitchat about the MSFS NDA here on the forum is that one is not allowed to remark about the performance/behavior of the pre-release version. The release of his videos just precedes the official release of MSFS by a few days (Aug. 14 for tutorial #1).

The other interesting thing about Squirrel is that he apparently achieved YouTube fame not with flying sims but rather with a big truck sim driving around Europe. He’s a Brit named “Paul” and has a lovely British accent (if you like Scottish or Irish accents, haven’t figured out which, go for GripperSim!). :slightly_smiling_face:

From what I read of the NDA it said


You acknowledge that everything related to this Program is confidential and should be treated as confidential until such time as Microsoft releases it.


NOT: You acknowledge that everything related to this Program is confidential and should be treated as confidential.

It specifically says “until such time as Microsoft releases it.”

So the way I read it, the NDA no longer applies … The product has been released.

Just saying … The forum rules are however the forum rules, and obviously were written when the NDA was in force, and it would seem they may not have been updated ??

This just got updated. Now includes a tutorial flight for the A320!