This in 8k is beyond awesome

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the cloudscapes -even on my humble monitor - can be breathtaking for sure.
imagine where we’ll be in another 5-10 years. Maybe at some point soon people will refer to FPS as we today refer to old timey 78rpm recordings


Could you please share your graphics settings ?
Which size ( inches) is the 8k TV ?
Thank you

i’m running it at 4k fully maxed out myself, it’s absolutely beautiful.
I just wish DX12 came here sooner, need to be a bit more optimized.

Just 8k in ultra thats it. 55 inch the tv is but its on the desk so its only 2.5 ft away.

55 inches 8k means 160 ppi
Right now, I’m using a Samsung 4k, 55 inches and it looks amazing
I purchased the RTX 3090, 4 months ago, and the main reason was for upgrading to 8k but I changed my mind
What about the performance ?
what’s the average fps ??
Thank you very much

Must try the game on my living room TV… it is an early 4K model from a time when they came with 3D and the 2D-3D emulation on it is actually pretty good. Should be interesting.

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I replaced my monitor with a TV once I realized how much better the sim looks on the big screen. This sim was built for TV:-)

Happy flying.

at my age I expect 6 foot under! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s my eventual plan for when I get a more permanent cockpit setup. I love my 34" UWQHD, but the more I look at the sim, the scale seems small. I think a 48-55" TV at about 1-1.5m would give the best sense of scale.

As a VR user I have to agree.
You just aren’t gonna capture the full magic of MSFS visuals on anything other than a high res TV.

Imo the best picture quality I have seen for this sim you will get on a high end monitor but those come at a cost. Having own a 4K TV the quality of the sim is certainly better on a monitor at the same resolution.

It looks great but sim looks most impressive on an Ultrawide and what there is needed is 2160p 4K Ultrawide panels but that be very hard to run atm.

Same here, been going back and forth on whether to try switching to a 55" 4K high quality TV simply cause of scale. You’ve seen my 49" super ultrawide and I absolutely it and it feels quite natural with the field of view but yeah things look too small on screen which makes it looks less lifelike.

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That’s exactly it. It looks good, but the scale looks too small. Perhaps without the cockpit visible that scale effect would be less apparent.

Like I said in the cockpit thread, my goal (once Asobo get the multi-monitor support implemented and working right - might be a couple of years from now) is to have 3 large TVs for a 180+ degree field of view.


I use 3 - 55 " 4 k Curved TVs, I tried the 3 projectors/ monitors etc this is the best i have done .
i got them for $500 each ,not a smart TV what for? Set them at 59 hz .

I was also thinking being the 55" would be so big I could probably push back the view point a bit to regain back some of the lost sides field of view so that it doesn’t feel so narrow visioned but still has accurate sizing of visuals. Just wish there was an easy way to give it a quick tryout lol. Not easy, or cheap since I don’t have a car, to buy and return a 55" 4K TV if I find I still prefer the ultrawide.

I feel its the same with a 1440p and above.
It makes you wanna sit closer to the monitor because of the concentrated sharper image pixels.
The in sim secenery objects look tiny which makes it hard for me to feel immersed in the flight sim’s world. That’s why id rather have a better feel of scale and presence even if it comes with less image quality in VR.

I’ve had this issue with monitors ever since I’ve moved up from 1080P. Does this issue go away with a monitor bigger than 27 inch?

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How are you running them, each in 4K? Cause I know as is currently at 4K Ultra settings the sim performance is less than amazing. I would imagine three 4K screens giving 8fps :smiley:

At the moment, I’d think the best way to run multiple 4K TVs would be with 50% resolution scaling. That would give roughly the pixel count of a single UWQHD, which is very doable currently.

Of course, assuming we’re not having the CPU performance issues plaguing many of us atm.