This is a disaster and a real mess for Microsoft

Here we have one of the best flight simulators ever made as far scenery, fps, and aircraft included are concerned but they left one of the main ingredients, “peripherals”, in the back burner and they barely included a few, and even those are half a… working. So you are limited to fly this beautiful simm with your keyboard and a mouse, and to complete these feast, they not even provide any documentation that allows you to print these commands. I know that several are like the old FSX, but I left that for several reasons that do not apply now. I remember they had a Kneeboard, very handy. I used to print it and have it by the side. Now most of the ones that like fly IFR, or navigate with instruments, invested in Saitek Flight Panels, quality Yokes and Pedals, etc.,none of these things are recognized by the simm, and I am not about to waste my time fiddling around with "Micky mouse " fixes, when the simm should have paid attention to what the world is using with flight simulators, so good bye MSFS2020, I will be back when you had solved all these problems, I am about not to get all stressed, so you got my money, but who cares, I 'd rarher keep my sanity intact, after all I still have my X-Plane where everything works fine, yeah, the scenery kind of sucks even more now (that I saw MSFS2020) but who cares, I just like to fly, and even FS2020 does not have anything like my Quest Kodiak that I fly in Alaska . And in that note I turn the lights out…


yes, feels very rushed to market with no documentation.

i cant see to change aircraft or other settings within the game, i have to exit the game each time i want a change and then restart. Am i missing something?

Also no joystick mapping, even primary controls and no list of key commands anywhere.

Feels more like a bata than finished product.


no support, this sim is dead to me


You can save and load flight during sim as well. press on ESC at bottom

what you means no support?


ill say it again, no support.

their offical hardware support list doesnt show a lot of popular hardware people have.


You mean peripherals? They still work, they just don’t have default mappings. Go into the settings and controls, change from “assigned” to “all” on the left-hand side and set it up.

Q: What are the recommended peripherals to use to play Microsoft Flight Simulator?
A: Most peripherals will work, but here is our list of top recommendations.
[big table]
Please note if your peripherals are not on the list above, it is expected for them to still work but with more customization by the user to map the keys properly.


Yes, it would have been good if the manuals had been written and included in the set up or were available for download.
Slowly, here on the forum, guidance is being added and eventually will probably be the “manual” or Wiki. Look in the forum under Guides. Now is only day 2 but I’d guess in a few more days this area will be full of community generated help, hints and videos.
But I remember when I first encountered X-Plane after FSX and then P3D. Both took some time to become intuitive. In the case of P3D, it was only after ChasePlane arrived that I became really comfortable with the cameras. Let’s hope that lands here soon.
Basically, most of the things you’re calling out are actually there and available; just have to look around.

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Developer menu can be used to change planes without loading in again (when it works). Also there are apps that can teleport using the SimConnect functionality that works like in FSX times. For teleporting I use (dl and run client, right click in web browser to copy token in to the client to teleport)

All 3rd party apps require some external program, naturally.

I’m sorry to contradict you Aeluwas but you have a very corporate answer and you don’t answer thatscucky.
Yes indeed there is a list with a certain number of supported peripherals, but when we speak of popular peripheral one naturally thinks of Flight switch panels and other Logitech or other peripherals which although recognized by Windows are unfortunately absent from MSFS2020.
This is an unfortunate lack, the only excuse that can be given to Asobo is the youthfulness of the product, just hoping that they react quickly very quickly.


I’m just another player, so I don’t think I should bear the responsibility of giving a proper answer.
I also didn’t realize you meant those kinds of peripherals.

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found the escape key gets me back to the root menu within the game

And where is this Developer Menu? Also the remainder of your answer is very cryptic, what these apps do? What is teleworking for? When trying to help, giving details is the way to do, being an insider should not be a deterrent to write, I know we are all in a hurry these days

You have to enable the developer menu in your general options window. [HOW-TO] Getting started with the SDK / Dev Mode

MS is one of the few companies that can get a product out on a certain date regardless. This to me is one of their many strengths. Asobo and MS did excellent work on this sim and I imagine with time it will get even better.


Still waiting for the game to recognize my Hotas One controller. Just doesn’t appear in the Control options panel. Playing with an Xbox controller is unusable for me. Way too sensitive and over-reactive, even at lowest sensitivity settings.

This is a valid answer - at least for controllers.

I used the built in control mapping to turn my Thrustmaster TX 458 racing wheel + pedals + gear shifter in to elevator trim controls, rudder (using combined accel + brake, not ideal, but better than twisty HOTAS) and I use the shifter for flaps.

I also have vJoy installed for my custom built controllers and that seems to work fine too.

However, I cannot speak for radios/gauges/MFDs/etc. that would, I assume, need SimConnect or other type of bespoke integration by the developers or third parties.

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Setting up my Virpil base was simple. It just doesn’t work. The analog input acts like digital. Sensitivity does little (nothing). Pull back on the stick slowly while nothing happens then the elevators go to 100 percent deflection. Stall, crash, garbage . . .

Have you ensured you’re using elevator axis, aileron axis and rudder axis for those controls? Anything else and you will get awful results.
If you do, how does the input visualization bars (lacking a better name) look in the controls settings when you move the stick?

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Yes and the indicator looks smooth in the settings screen when I move the control stick. When in the cockpit the yoke seems to only go form 0% to 100%, no gradual movement. Causes stalls and crash into the ground.