Thrilled for the first time!

I have read quite a few comments from people describing the scenery as jaw dropping, breath taking etc. I cannot say I have ever felt like that until today. I decided to have a look around Rome and it really is stunning. As a photogrammetry city it has a few issues but overall the presentation is quite fantastic. The colosseum looks amazing as does the forum and the overall impression is that of a real city. It really is a stunning representation and highly recommended as a place to explore.


It has come a long way and getting there! Photogrammetry worldwide takes it time but worth it.

And, the finding of that point in your system where performance and quality meet without overstressing it. :wink:


I have seen relatively simple buildings looking quite bad with Photogrammetry so I had low expectations on what it could do with a complex ruin like the Colosseum, it really surprised me how good a job it made of it. I love ancient Rome anyway so this was a real treat.

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