Throttle won't do what I want it to do

I am using Flight Sim 2020 on Steam. My throttle axis works… usually. When it DOES work, though:

  1. When I go to the lowest setting, it stays above idle such that when I taxi the plane goes much to fast, and when I am landing, the plane keeps picking up speed. For example it does this to me on the TBM 930;
  2. On a TBM 930, when I give it full throttle, it usually never goes above 85%;
  3. On the Cub Crafters Cub, when flying, if I reduce throttle, the RPMs don’t go down, even in straight and level fight when I give it time to slow down.

Are there settings I need to know about?



What brand of throttle are you using?

It’s an RC plane controller, connected with a dongle. As far as I can tell, Flight Sim does support it because the app recognizes the controller by name. The throttle does work - when I push it forward on the controller, for instance, the engine on the plane speeds up and the plane speeds up. However, on different planes, the engine behavior is different. For instance, on a TBM 900, when in AI Piloting mode, the engine cruises at 90%, and when I switch to manual control, it immediately goes down to 70%. But on the ground, the manual control goes to 95%. I am suspecting that there are engine settings in Flight Simulator.

I replied to the “brand” question in a separate reply. I am wondering if there is a way to adjust the scale of the axis in Flight Simulator’s Control options. Regarding the fast idle, I see now that there is an “idle speed” type setting on the TBM 330, so I will see if that makes a difference.

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Yes, the “scale” is adjustable to an extent.
In Controls Options, select your controller and then sensitivity.
Alll of the functions then displayed will affect the controller’s response, but I’m not sure how it will with your controller.
I would try Extremity Dead Zone, and Reactivity first, and see how they affect the response, but certainly try all these settings.

you can ‘try’ to calibrate it in windows, not sure it will even show up but worth a try

type joy.cpl in the run dialogue, if it shows up there
select it and choose Properties - > Settings, if it has a calibrate button - calibrate it
if not disregard :stuck_out_tongue:

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