Through Clouds, that Invisible bubble around the wings


I just wondered if it was only me that notices this, but when you fly through heavy cloud layers, there is, what seems like a bubble around the aircraft and the cloud layers don’t go over or flash by the wings…

Not sure if this is something that can be added in the future…it would be great to get flashes of cloud as it passes by the cockpit windows and over the wings to really bring the immersion of decending through the cloud…

Of course, I’m totally impressed with what we have but don’t we always like, that little bit more…


I’ve been hoping for this ever since I’ve heard of volumetric clouds. That is one thing that’s always been missing in the sky for sure for immersion.


Agree 100%.

I’m hoping that sometime soon, this will be addressesd/resolved. (Whilst recognizing there are other major issues at hand to be resolved in priority order).

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Is this what you’re talking about? (Or lack thereof?)


Absolutely. Hoping this will be done along the way with other improvements to cloud formations and adding 1 higher level cloud layer.


Would really like to see this wing effect added.

Voted in the wishlist Wing Fade Effect when flying through clouds

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That’s exactly it. Thanks.

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