Thrustmaster not working in MSFS2020

Hi all

so game all working fine but my thrustmaster USB - (that is the model name - its just the simple stick version from thrustmaster) is not being picked up in the game. The device is listed as default USB controlloer in fsx. there are no drivers for this stick as its USB version.

Its listed as default usb controller. When i do the movements (i forget what section) but you can move Y and X axis… it shows movement and Z axis is throttle… but when i move throttle up… Z axis goes down.

But in the plane throttle up and down is not working properly at all. Ive managed to map it to the Z axis. played with sensitivity up down allsorts. The responsiveness is extremely poor. I push my throttle up… and it only registers after its goes pass halfway… then 3/4 of the way its it max. Its a disaster. Not as smooth or responsive as in fsx at all.

no idea why … its working and has been working fine in FSX… didnt even need to set it up in FSX.

any suggestions (not sure where to caliberate in windows but its working fine in fsx)

I really needed to stream all this and i have ordered the thrustmaster airbus 320 but due to thrustmaster being out of stock i wont recieve until mid september at earliest. Really frustating and annoying… and i dont want to make streams using the keyboard and mouse…

Make sure your joystick axes are assigned to AXIS ELEVATOR , AXIS AILERON and AXIS RUDDER in Options -> Controls

Hi pieter

can you be more specific. Which axis to axis elevator, axis aileron and axis rudder pls.

Hi - have it working!

I would like to help all others now who have Thrustmaster USB ( or any other model of thrustmaster ) Issues. I Have it working perfectly and smoothly. Better then it was in FSX.

Basically you have to assign the controls yourself. The confusion was as to what controls! I had no idea and tried to copy the mouse controls but NO dont do this.

Up and Down on the joystick = ELEVATOR AXIS = please assign joystick L- Axis X
Left and Right on the joystick = AILERONS AXIS = please assign joystick L - Axis Y

Throttle control :

Goto POWER MANAGEMENT menu > THROTTLE > THROTTLE 1 Axis = please assign Joystick L - Axis Z.

That is the basic stick controls and throttle done.

The cameras and other buttons can be assigned this way too.

The Thrustmaster has the circular POV button on the top and assign this to CAMERA>COCKPIT CAMERA> COCKPIT LOOK UP/DOWN/ Various other ones … just assign these.

I have this now working perfectly. Smoothly. In fact now it works better then FSX. Its great i can now redo and start the streams.

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