Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas One Joystick Loose Throttle Fix

I thought that other users who have the Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas One Joystick for Xbox (the one with the very badly designed loose throttle) might benefit from this. I took mine apart, filed down the detent notch and then inserted sticky fixers to the plastic tabs inside the joystick housing itself. No more unsightly rubber bands or Velcro on the outside, and it works an absolute treat. The throttle now has a nice resistance to it, and is super smooth. Do this at your own risk, but personally I think it was totally worth voiding my warranty for. Take note, there is a pointless small dead spot around 50%, but this is evident on this joystick whether you carry out this modification or not. It makes me wonder if the detent was originally designed to be used for engine idle, with reverse thrust to the rear of this, and forward thrust towards the front?


I tried this and it worked. You are a genius, Chris! This issue was doing my head in and I tried so many things but this has actually worked!

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What he said!

The loose throttle is terrible, it should never have been sold like that. I’d have returned the thing under warranty if it wasn’t clear that everyone has the same problem. I’ve been looking around for a good mod to fix this.

This is the one!

Super easy to do. I used 4x 3M Command Medium Refill Strips placed exactly as in the photos above. I removed the “wall side” backing and stuck that down, while leaving the teflon-smooth red side backing on. These strips are quite thin, but the result is perfect. Nice and stable but silky smooth control, probably better than a real aeroplane!

I swear that Thrustmaster could charge $50 more for this unit if they did this in the factory, it makes it feel like something much more expensive. The fact that they sell it at all with the unit like it comes is quite disappointing.

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That’s exactly what it is for. Space games such as Elite Dangerous which have been a good market for HOTAS on consoles for many years. Flight Sim on consoles is still just months old, not enough time to really get hardware designed and on shelves.

Very interesting thanks. The only concern I’d have with this approach is how long before those strips wear out or the paper facia peels off / wears off with use, and how do you get those stuck in pads out again if you want to replace. I’m just using rubber bands for my throttle, they certainly don’t look nice, but the work and can easily be untangled if they become bunched up or replaced (I’ve done that already once).

The 3M command strips are easy to remove, you just grab the end and pull gently and they always come off clean. If they wear out they are easy to replace. If it needs annual maintenance I can live with that.


Will be interesting to see how it goes, please report back. I really wish they had some adjustable friction option built into the throttle. I mean they have a resistance option in the stick itself but didn’t care to do the same with the throttle. Crazy. I use my Hotas One all the time, its a good stick other than the throttle.

They are removable, just pull and they come off, but they are strong enough to stay in place in use. How long for I don’t know, but I am 3 months in and still in place.

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Works perfect for me.