Thrustmaster TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition - Xbox Series X

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will the Thrustmaster TCA Officer Pack Airbis Edition work on Xbox Series X at any time?

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Segun me ha dicho el fabricante, ni funciona ni funcionará para Xbox X/S. Solo es válido para Pc

no it will not.

It is beyond my comprehension to the why this will not work on an Xbox series X. To bring a game like this to the console to such pomp and circumstance and then only allow some rare few janky flight sticks (even those are questionable) due to probably licensing is preposterous. As a professional pilot, I love to explore this 4K virtual environment with a difficult, over sensitive, and incredibly limited controller, only if there was a replica commercial airline flight control system that you can already utilize on a PC.

Can someone from programming/MS please explain to me why, for this Microsoft flight sim……on a Microsoft Xbox……where this same controller is compatible with my Microsoft Windows based PC……why they can’t make it work with the Xbox Series X? This is so asinine that I’ll probably just delete it off of Xbox. What a waste of time and resources at MS to bring his to console, only to die on the vine for many of us who eagerly anticipated it and hope you could actually utilize a realistic flight control system to enjoy this sim.


Absolutely agree with this !

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I can’t reason why we cannot use the same PC joysticks on console.

Like, you can plug any generic USB mouse + keyboard kit in the Xbox and the game will recognize!
But you can’t plug a well-known USB joystick loved by the flight sim community that works well with the game on the PC…


Wholeheartedly concur - not only TCA joystick but also the throttles, airbrake and flaps hardware. Can no one at Microsoft see sense (even if it is a licensing red tape issue red) and get it sorted now rather than let MSFS die on Xbox X?

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Microsoft are to big to care it’s microsoft’s way or the highway and I dont see any use in complaining im just going to play it on pc and use xbox for my f1 sim as it’s usless as a flight sim. Now what ever Microsoft employee decided to release a flight sim with not controllers allowed to work on it Promote that DumbASS to Microsoft CEO

Agree cant believe this is not working… I requested this as a Christmas present for my PC then I managed to get an x box series x. But read that this does not work
!! Not happy. Seen this rubbish licensing issues before when I went from ps3 to ps4 with accessories then not working. I brought the x box for playing FS. I have yet to open this thrustmaster joystick and thinking I’ll send it back and find s company that will sort xbox and pc. And not the stupid markup turtle beach and the even more expensive Boeing stick… Not happy bunny. Xbox is just a pc in disguise anyways…

It is unbelievable…If thrustmaster made a multi USB PC to Xbox converter for their flight sticks (like they do for some of racing simulator gear) they’d make themselves a small fortune. I’d certainly buy one :wink:

Has anyone ever tried connecting the device to an xbox? Maybe it will work after all. You can read on Amazon that it should work.