Thrustmaster TCA sidestick causing CTD?

Hi everybody,

Since SU5 I experienced a lot of CTD, usually in the five first minute of flight, on cruise, and on approach.

I managed to reduce them by not using ATC at all, but usually I have to launch 3 times MSFS to achieve a one hour fly.

Yesterday I unpluged my TCA sidestick and the quadrant to use a 8years old thrusmaster T flight stick X…

And since, zero crash, so I plugged the quadrant+addon, no CTD

It seems like the TCA airbus Sidestick is causing the crash, I don’t read many topic about it but hey, it’s working now !

Of course drivers where ok, I made no other modification to my config or windows since then.

IS this issues known ? Why thrustmaster don’t work on it ?

Fly safe, and sorry for my poor english

Config :
MB : ASUS x570 wifi
cpu : AMD Ryzen 5600X
gpu : MSI RTX2070+ 496 blablabla
ram : 4*8 Corsair vengeance 2133ghz

Hello @Horriblealex902 ,

have you already tried to modify your sidestick bindings, as there are some reports that these may be able to cause CTDs.
I would also recommend to read the following topic: CTD when Joystick is connected

Hello @ITDreamFly,

I made a lot of “custom” binding on the sidestick, like pitch trim, change CDI Nav, toggle alt hold or HDG hold.
So this kind of binding could make CTD occur more frequently ?

Do you recommand me to erase my controller “profile” to create a new one ?.

EDIT : I’m running steam version, installed on a dedicated SSD

I’m currently reading the thread, thanks for your answer

Well that would be a major issue in any title which should be immediately addressed no?

  1. It might be an idea to slowly build a fresh profile from the ground up. Checking along the way that there are no functions duplicated to other peripherals etc.

  2. Peripheral disconnect resulting in CTD was actually fixed in SU5 however there seem to be reports that the bug may have been reintroduced in SU7
    Therefore if your joystick is disconnecting during gameplay this might cause FS2020 to CTD.

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I agree with @somethingbrite.

I do not know what the best way is to reset your profile, but I would try with the default MSFS bindings first and remove duplicate bindings from them to be on the safe side.

It is also true that peripheral disconnections could cause issues (they did at least in the past, although this should not be the case anymore as @somethingbrite said). For testing I would also recommend to directly connect your sidestick to your pc if this is not the case (especially no non externally powered usb hubs for example). Have the sidestick connected before starting the sim and do not disconnect it. If you sometimes hear the windows peripheral disconnection sound this would also be a strong indication for a connection issue.

Hi somethingbrite
I erased the steam cloud data associated with MSFS, another link inside ITDreamfly link’s explain how to do this.
After erase all the profil by delete the cloud data, I remade all my binding, with a particular attention to not make duplicate bindings.

I’ve already notice the " allow windows to shut off peripherals" and turn off this option in the configuration panel. I never heard a usb disconnection sound before a CTD, if it was this easy I would have find a solution way long ago.

I’m in 2hours fly above algerian sahara, no crash. Wait and see…

thanks to both of you for your anwser, I’ll give you an update tomorow or sooner if crash happens

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CTD after one hour of fly, I was in external view, using the hat switch to change view, I removed all bindings associated with the hat switch

So not sure all my CTD where linked with the sidestick


Hi, I have the exact same issue - using TCA Sidestick, Throttle + Addon. I never had problems - but since I installed Windows 11 - with fresh install of MSFS2020 - i cant play anymore when Sidestick+Throttle is connected. Drivers are up to date - CTD comes while loading - sometimes I make it into the cockpit - then it happens mostly when using the hat switch… If I unplug everything and use the xbox controller, no problems…(I even deleted all the profiles and set everything to standard…)

Only Addon in the community folder is FlybyWire Mod

Hello ! Steam or microsoft store ?

I bought the boxed version, which is activated via MS Store, after re-install with the 10DVDs, an update via Store is mandatory (140GB…) → So my motivation for another re-install is not such high

You could try the “reset profile” like said earlier, I didn’t have to reinstall at all, but I’m using steam version so…

Update : reseting my controler setting was the solution to avoid all the CTD that occured for me in the first 20mn of flight, and since I downloaded the SU7 beta and for three days of intense flying I didn’t have a crash…

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What’s the up date on your issue? Did you reset your profile for the side sticks? Or for the throttle as well? I’m having the same issues as you and I just started using the Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick and throttle. Also I’m not sure if I installed the drivers properly.

Hello v8kamikaze,

Sorry for my late response, I didn’t check the forum last days.

These workaround help me a lot for the crash in the first five minute after I press the “FLY” button after the world map. It also help with some other random crash, maybe this was the solution for like 50/75% of my crashes.

So, from what I remember

1: I reset my online data, if you’re on steam or store version the steps are not the same

2: After this reset, you have to rebind your throttle and sidestick, and make sure there’s no duplicate.

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