Thrustmaster tca throttle quadrant

Seen multiple posts regarding issues with reverser not working out the box,
I have tried several of the suggestions in here but still to get throttle to idle I have to put the physical throttle into full reverse
When it’s in idle detent it’s in about 20%

Is there anybody that can help or another guide I can try to follow?

I fly the a320 fbw mod exclusively at the moment so any help would be great

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  1. Did you calibrate your throttle quadrant with the Thrustmaster software?
  2. Are you using the custom FBW mod? If so you can adjust the values/positions of you quadrant to match.

There are already some tutorials how to do did on this forum.

Calibrated with the thrustmaster app?
I am using the fbw mod, could you link me how to set the detente using that?

Here you have the user manual and can download the driver to calibrate:

Here you have a video that shows how to calibrate by Thrustmaster:

Here you can read the step by step solution:

Hope this solves your problem.

Thanks for your help, with the callibration video, it’s unclear as to when this is being performed, ie windows game controllers, thrustmaster app? With the software that’s available for thrustmaster I can’t see any calibration settings?

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  1. You may need to delete all profiles in the sim, which will bring the throttles to the Default profile. Double check the axis binding. Make sure it’s set to Throttle Engine X Axis (0-100%). With the 0-100%, not the default throttle engine axis.
  2. If you do the Factory Calibration process as shown in the video above. Note that they missed one step in there. You have to press the red button 5x, one for each detents. One for TOGA, One for MCT, One for CL, one for IDLE, and last one for FULL REVERSE. If you don’t do this, your axis will be out of sync. The calibration is done at the hardware level. It’s not using any software or any app, it’s a hardware process and the calibration settings will be stored in the quadrant itself. You just need to follow the calibration steps in the PDF manual or the video above. Just make sure you do the missing step as I explained above.
  3. If you’re using the A32NX mod. Make sure you install the Custom FBW version. The Stable or Dev version will not work. So it has to be the Custom FBW version. You have to follow this documentation to find where the ThrottleConfig.ini file is located,
  1. The throttleconfig.ini file is generally should work with these values. But if you find things are slightly not lining up, feel free to tweak a few values to line them properly. But this baseline generally work for most people.
Log = true
Enabled = true
ReverseOnAxis = true
ReverseIdle = true
DetentDeadZone = 2.5
DetentReverseIdle = -0.90
DetentReverseFull = -1.00
DetentIdle = -0.42
DetentClimb = 0.06
DetentFlexMct = 0.53
DetentTakeOffGoAround = 1.00
  1. If you decided to do all these steps. The last thing to do is to set your sensitivity curve in the sim. Make sure they’re all reset to 0,0,0 with fully linear line.
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The calibration should be done with the gamecontroller I think. You can try it.

I think that’s a different kind of calibration. That would be just an interpretation between the inputs from the hardware and how it’s being read by the driver and the software. The factory hardware recalibration process is done at the hardware level.

It’s the equivalent to Spooring and Balancing your car tyres to make sure they physically turn properly when you’re driving. It’s done at the tyres themselves rather dan setting a parameter to your car’s computers to turn a certain way to compensate for the misalignment.

thats brilliant will try now, with regards to the sensitivity do you mean
0 on the + & the -?

kind regards

Just press the Reset button at each axis, and it should bring everything into linear.

Thank you so much, it now works as intended, just need to play around with the climb detent a little as its just off!

Thank you for your help

any info or the same as mentioned before for the A330

I use this setup for the A330. It’s not perfectly aligned, but it’s usable.

#NEO4316 thanks that was great and it helps a lot also when it is not 100% but better as I have before. Great Thanks

when I go back from FLX to Climb its a little bit off. The rest is fine

Yeah, it’s difficult to get a perfect alignment there’s going to be one detent to sacrifice, I pick the FLX instead since you only need to use it once in a given flight. Unless the A330 has a similar throttleconfig.ini file like the A32NX custom FBW version does, I think this is the acceptable setup for now.