Thurstmaster TCA issues! (officer pack)

Hi everyone!
I have the thrustmaster TCA officer pack and to be honest i’m having a couple of issues both with the quadrant and the sidestick. I am running default config in game for this set up and have calibrated etc.

firstly. The sidestick Z axis is like a switch, fully on or off with no in between. as a result it can be a pain on the ground but it completely destabilizes the aircraft in flight.

secondly the quadrant. at idle 1 lever is 1 or 2% higher that the other causing the engine not to idle (even with the pin liking both sides). also it seems that the engines sit at much higher percentage than i would imagine given the throttle position. the detents seem to do the right thing though.

I really want to start enjoying flying again but I just dont feel the urge to fly because im having to try to get around these issues.

any help appreciated

Head over to YouTube - there’s plenty of videos to watch. Type in “320 Sim Pilot ‘TCA Officer Pack’” on YT where he shows how his throttle is setup as well as his sidestick. In the A32NX mod, you can calibrate your throttle and its detents. I’ll attach a separate video here that helps, but the throttle can now be calibrated from the EFB in the A32NX mod, so you’ll only need a video that assists with the sidestick I guess. You may need the official Thrustmaster video to calibrate your hardware manually. I linked it below too. Plus, I recommend installing the Thrustmaster TCA software too just to check that your Officer Pack works.

P.S. not sure if you know about the A32NX, but it’s basically a mod that massively enhances the default A320. It’s now a separate aircraft in the sim. You used to select the default A320 and that would lead you to the A32NX. Anyway, here’s the link to the installer: Installation - FlyByWire Simulations Guides. Just click on “Download Installer”.

320 Sim Pilot Video 1: (18199) A32NX Best Joystick Settings! With a Real Airbus Pilot: TCA Officer Pack - YouTube
320 Sim Pilot Video 2: (18199) A32NX EFB Update, Throttle Setup and New Sounds! With a Real Airbus Pilot - YouTube
The Mach Flyer: (18199) Unboxing Series: Thrustmaster Airbus TCA Quadrant & Setup on MSFS2020 - YouTube
Thrustmaster Software Video: (18199) TCA QUADRANT AIRBUS EDITION - Install your drivers and update your firmware - YouTube
Unfortunately, I can’t find the vid for manual calibration from Thrustmaster, probably because it’s an unlisted video. Try searching for it on google and YouTube.

Anyway, hope this helps!
Happy Flying! :airplane:


I have already updated firmware and tried the couple of different calibration methods that I have found. I already have the a320nx but have not really flown it yet. I will have a look at the links you have sent and try it all again plus anything I have not already


For A32NX I have a video showing the full calibration process with throttle cam if you are still struggling with this aircraft. Make sure you reset the sensitivities, that step has been forgotten quite a bit!

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It looks like its the z axis sensor potentially for one issue. It shows as 0% or 100% in the windows calibration with nothing really in between. I am looking to potentially use the stock aircraft to begin with. but will have a look at the video thanks

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still no closer to fixing this. has anyone else got an ideas. I bought both The TCA pack and Flight Simulator 2020 at a similar time and to be honest its really took the Joy out of sim flight for me with these issues

Sorry to hear that - can only recommend a refund or/and return request maybe? It may just be a case of a faulty axis.

Hi Apoapsisgame,
I had a similar experience to you and this thread below solved the problem, I know folk don’t like messing around inside the sidestick but the fix is quick, and very easy to do, and only takes 20 minutes to complete.

The cables that feed the yaw potentiometer in the sidestick require re-routing or easing, at the moment every time to just touch the stick you are giving inputs to the Z axis potentiometer.

1, unplug then unscrew and remove the top two buttons ( Red & Black)
2, Lay the sidestick on its right side on a cushion or anything to support the bottom half of the stick.
3, Remove the remaining 3 screws, 1 in the centre of the stick 2 at the base.
4, Ease off the top half of the stick to expose the wires ( you can put tape around the base of the stick to hold everything in place while you are adjusting the wires.

5, I didn’t find any trapped wires but they were bunched close together and some were taut, so one by one I moved about 7 wires to the other side of the insulation lump of glue. This freed all the wires and it looked a lot better and it’s working great now… took less than 20 mins.

Hi, I have problem with TCA quadrant on boeing aircraft. I cant get reverse thrust, but on A320 it works fine. All setting i reset to default but broblem is not solved. Any idea to fix this problem? All FW are uptodate all updates on FS are instaled.