Time frame on next VR update from Asobo?

Anyone hear when the next update is due out? I get my new INDEX pack Wednesday and was hoping they could improve the sim by then. Cheers!

I’m sure it’ll be a few weeks to a month. they just got back into the office. they dropped VR and said “okay, see ya in two weeks”

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I wouldn’t worry. Provided you’ve got a decently powered PC the game is awesome in the Index.

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System Specs:
Power Supply: Corsair RM850X
MB: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon
DUAL 2GB NVMe Drives. One in TURBO M.2 slot.
CPU: Intel i9-9900KF 3.60 ( I overclock MSFS2020 to 4.8 when possible.)
RAM: 32GB Corsair RGB RAM (No O/C of RAM)
Windows 10 64
Res: 2560X1040 (144Hx)
Dual DELL S2716DG Monitors.
Onboard Audio.

The Index is a great headset overall and is working fine with FS2020 as long as you take care of some low level details.

This should get you started and with the 2080TI you’ll have ample room to expand from there:
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR)

Besides, even if the Index has a 1440x1600 panel “only” (compared to 2160x2160 of the G2), I’ve been also trying pushing the Index far beyond my test system video card and I must admit at 200% SteamVR SS*, it was nearly allowing me reading EFIS screens as easily as with the G2. The advantage with the G2 is that I can do it without much SS and with my current test system hardware. With a 2080TI you really should explore pushing the Index in this direction, it is stellar. (it is starting to be close to the G2 at 150% - yes you can do the maths and see it is close to G2 but the reason has more to do with Nyquist in my opinion that just pure resolution, hence 150%).

There are key differences between the Index and the G2 beyond panel resolution which makes it hard to choose one. I personally prefer the Index offering as a whole, because it is really a solid piece of headset compared to the G2 (plastic, straps, etc…), it is more immersive thanks to the wider FOV, it has eye relief adjustment which helps depending on your vision, it has lots of controls (luma, RGB, refresh rates etc…). Also in flying a lot lately with the G2 and the Index, I realize what is probably better with the Index is not just the FOV but the vertical FOV, especially with aircraft. I find it more immersive because you are literally viewing from toes to head in one go. Tracking is unsurpassed in precision, stability and reactivity (lighthouse vs inside-out - it really is so evident when having the 2 to compare). And once you try the Knuckles and see how this feels natural using them…

The ideal headset to me would be the Index with the G2 panels and the Pimax Artisan horizontal FOV. It will have a pixel density between the Index and the G2 and all what makes the Index probably the bet overall headset for VR on the market today still.

*I don’t remember if I was using FS2020 or SteamVR SS for this one, I’ll let you try out!


Great info Lucky. I have the CV1 so I only have THAT to go by. The SDE occupies most of my time trying to boost performance and resolution. I have been told that in the INDEX, it is almost non-existent. I get it some time Wednesday and already have STEAM VR installed etc. Cheers

There is nearly no SDE in the Index unless you really try to look for it. In the G2 I can’t even forcing looking at it but my eyes are probably the main limiting factor :wink:

However I’ve never played before with the Index “Column correction” until this week-end and this is important. This is a setting helping reducing the vertical lines you can see in the Index (look at a very bright sky and move your head slowly to the left - or right).

When it is showing up, you can distinguish R,G and B vertical stripes if you pay close attention. This is normal and I believe it is just because the LCD panels are refreshing one column after the other as they are usually, but even at 120Hz you can still move enough to make the previous column displaying in fact after the next one. On my Index I’ve eliminated it with a fine adjustment of -4 for both eyes in Auto mode.

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Most likely some bug fixing in Sim update 3 on the 23rd Feb

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Holy cow, 2 more months?

I get the INDEX today instead of tomorrow via FedEX. Will keep you posted. May need help on setup. Thanks

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Considering people demanded VR, and Asobo expended untold money, time, and effort implementing it and tacking it on to barely functioning sim? I hope it’s a loooong time before they revisit it.
Bugs in general? More power to them for working on those.

Nah, the world updates did come with some updates for the sim also, so I expect they will at least improve some things VR related when the UK world update drops at the end of the month. They might still do a smaller update even earlier though.

I think they probably have a dedicated VR section working on it just as the other areas. The flight simming community can be one of THE most fickle groups out there. Demanding the world “I WAN IT NOW”. hehe. FedEX just went by my house and said they ATTEMPTED DELIVERY of my new INDEX. What a load of poop. Now i get to wait until tomorrow.

that’s just today’s generation of gamers

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