Time put MSFS in drawer and load up X-Plane again

I barely have any plugins other than Air Manager and Flight Events and MSFS 2020 freezes during Flight Preparation since last few weeks. Tried few work around from posts and still no luck. No way to pin point issue. Seems like I have wasted lot of time that lead nowhere.

MSFS 2020 is great for VFR unlike X-Plane but when it works not sure where all the FPS is going :unamused:

I started using X-Plane just 2-3 months before MSFS 2020 came out. I barely used X-Plane since I got MSFS post release. After this freeze issue, I started focusing on X-Plane and realized that how powerful it is (minus VFR which is definitely not their goal) from flying and configuration experience. I don’t have to waste time on making it work for me. It simply works.

  • Multiple visual/views configuration.
  • Pop out G1000 and GTN devices with full functional control panels.
  • Garmin Pilot works flawlessly without any additional software like Flight Events.
  • setup additional computer to relieve FPS pressure on main computer
  • Nearly all of the airports I have used (including G class) are much more accurate and realistic layout. No grass or lights on taxi areas.

and so much more. I can simply back up after install+configuration and restore if something messes up. so easy.

Let’s see how MSFS comes out in next few weeks/months in terms of stability, configuration and 3rd party devices integration. Looks like great product but getting over engineered.


I don’t understand - why do you make it sound like XP and MSFS ( and P3D) are somehow mutually exclusive? You do know that you can have multiple sims on your machine and play whichever one you like?

This really isn’t zero-sum or some sort of competition. Most people into simming will have all three sims or at least two, and some amount of money invested into each platform. From there, everyone has a slightly different preference and will spend the majority of their time playing the sim that most appeals to them.

“Putting MSFS in a drawer” and similar statements simply don’t make sense. You do whatever makes you happy, and if you are unable to have more than one sim installed that’s cool, whatever works for you.

Maybe I’m just not that invested in a single platform, but I enjoy all three sims for different reasons and never really see why there’s “camps” and people taking “sides” and what not.

Anyway, happy that you’re enjoying flying, have a good time.


All - the OP was making a point, and if you search my handle, you can read all my posts on theis subject. FWIW-Last evening, I made the most successful AP/ILS approaches since flying this sim, yes, you read it correct, in the 13 months I have been using this, I made about number 11 successful approaches/landings. The key to success is to NOT use any of the provided planes in this SIM, I personally used DC Designs F-14, but I am going to assume any NON MS/Asobo plane could work. Now, I have tried in the 787 multiple times, and the 747 about 10-15 times. Not but a few times was I successful. First time in F-14 using nav system, and successful. The point"
The flight models/systems/and navigation systems which link into those planes is suspect. Now I have seen successful videos on Youtube, I have been unable, to duplicate that using my TO/LDG airports. One thing, I was not, being directed by ATC. so that may be the reason. I am going to work up checklist on process and post in tutorials, or general discussion. It’s convoluted, to do it, but it works.
I also have XP on my PC. I download and then purchased full version less than week ago. If you read my posts you will see how well the experience went. I am having learning curve issues with it, but in first VFR/ILS flight B737, successfully landed plane at correct RW and safely, that is having NEVER used that product before. MSFS is very flawed if IFR/ILS is used, VFR is fine, now matter what plane you use. ATC is just a joke. We all paid between 60 and 120 for this, but it’s broken, and has been broken for 13 months, and some people like OP, are unable to play it at any course and speed. If I was rich, well, you figure it out, CA worldwide action on how poorly it’s made, etc. OP I feel your pain, and I can load and play it, but I feel your pain.


If I cannot use something as it doesn’t works (freeze), where would it go? For me I put it in drawer until it gets working again (fix). Hope that explains.

Regarding X-Plane, I hope Asobo can take this as a feedback as X-Plane never stopped working and hopefully MSFS becomes the same. Also I started using them nearly at the same time.

It is unfortunate that many start taking certain words so personal. Relax folks, there is no competition between these products as they are leagues apart.

Also don’t take it or anything personal.


Freezes and FPS issues (all above!!) sound a lot like a local issue on your computer.

This can be quite a lot, from hardware that starts to break or is badly matched or cooled through updates or a simple setting that was either made by yourself or that was reset in windows by the Oh-so-smart OS.

I wouldn‘t even be surprised if XP would have a performance loss too now. If it does I‘d recommend to look for the reason instead of trashing the hobby ^^


I’m not taking it personally. This forum is full of threads like yours, I just find them tedious after a while. Anyway, you do you, have fun playing whichever game you like.


X-Plane works just fine with no FPS loss and even with 2 additional monitors (@1080p) I get about 40 fps. (NVidia 3080 is awesome)

I have no clue what is causing the MSFS freeze (works 1st time after reboot). I have already spent lot of time going through forum topics. No plans to spend more time. :frowning:

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No worries, I understand.

When MSFS 1st came out I had a flawless setup and many people faced so many issues installing (download speed) and then using it.

Until this time even when it worked flawlessly or with some non-blocking issues for me, many had various different blocking issues.

At the end it means there are some issues and worst part is not able to know what is causing issue(s). We can speculate.

Seems like, this last few weeks was my time of blocking issue. Now, I will wait until something fixes it.

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I got to where you said DC Designs F-14 and … for now, you’re correct, this sim isn’t for you.

If you can live with lessor flight then I would be bound to argue but no, fighter jets even from another users perspective in game are not up to snuff. Even the stock jets are iffy at times but seem to produce less issues… if you dont want to fly more than an hour or so (length of flight seems to be of issue).

If one is willing to fly a little slower, a little straighter and not put off by flying GA and enjoy sightseeing this isnt such a bad deal.

I run a few handcrafted airports locally (FlyingsCool is The Man) a select amount of the mega pack liveries through MSFA AddOns https://www.msfsaddons.org/ and WeLoveVFR and generally run short IFR runs.

My sim is nearly bullet proof this way aside from I do get a hard lock loading in from a fresh reboot which is annoying but a three finger salute and a hot restart later and I’m flying.

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Have you tried repairing or reinstalling msfs and are you on the latest version of windows? Maybe a windows reinstall might help? Or maybe your hdd/ssd is fried?
I find that Xplane is very harmful for my keyboard and my throttle and yoke setup because everytime I fire it up, I end up puking all over them.
The same might happen to you so urge you to find and fix your msfs install.

Always the users fault. Why can’t you guys just accept that other simulators might just work better for certain situations than your beloved product. He wasn’t trashing MSFS. He can’t even get it to work properly, which many others have the same issue. I swear some of you might just be paid to come trash people who don’t agree with you.

Edit: Like some others have posted you should be able to like more than one simulator. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.


THAT. I am happily running MSFS, XP 11 and P3D 5.2HF1. Why the need for exclusivity? When MSFS doesn’t work (when the altitude bug was happening, for instance), I simply flew other sims. Then I came back and all is peachy. And I still fly the others.


We’ll I for one am not a msfs fanboy and have had my share of angst with the sim but I never once thought of announcing my grand departure from the hallowed grounds of msfs. If I have a problem with the sim, I ask for help and try and fix it. Or I just fly IL2 BoB or play Call of Duty.
I find these farewell posts just childish. And btw, 9/10 times, it is the users fault.


It will put pressure on MSFS to tidy up a lot of these lets downs when X Plane 12 releases.

The argument XPlane puts against ortho scenery is that it is dead individual pixels which cant be brought to life when autogen can have trees that sway in the breeze and cars that interact on bridges and freeways and changing seasons and landscapes.

X plane will win a lot of simmers back with the new version that want to be simmers and less game players.


There is one single version of the sim but literally a million versions of PC/windows setups. When the sim, as said by the OP, suddenly starts to cease performance, a local issue is the most probable cause. It doesn‘t mean that it MUST be local, but it‘s extremely likely. Many people run the sim perfectly fine while many others (or some? Nobody knows actual numbers) have issues with stability and performance. Knowing how many people play around in BIOS or with various performance boosting programs (MSI afterburner for example) this is the first thing to look at if you try to troubleshoot. Demanding hardware having weak or cheap power supply units, many preconfigured PC‘s have chinese PCUs and are badly/incorrectly overclocked, heat is an issue with high powered CPUs, other people run AV software like McAfee, Kaspersky for example is a very common AV but it cause massive delays on my friend‘s system even with basically everything concerning P3D excluded. There is a ton of „bad influence“ available, my girlfriend had laptop problems due to what turned out to be one of Acer‘s default bloatware.

The first thing to do when you try to help someone is to look for possible easily accessible problems. Putting the blame on the program while it‘s running perfectly here will not help him. It‘s unlikely that Asobo will resolve it for him either thanks to that million of possible setups.


If he can run X-Plane he shouldn’t have issues running MSFS.

That‘s true indeed

I get like 165 fps lock in standard X-Plane, the comparison and yardsticking both is useless.

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I use MSFS, XP and P3D loaded to the brim with addons. All have pros and cons and it bugs me I have to keep juggling sims, lol. I would like to point out though that I personally can fly IFR in MSFS the same way I do in XP and P3D and the same can be said with VFR in XP and P3D (with Orbx TrueEarth).

I dig on the work WeLoveVFR has done for freeware

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