Timeouts for players occupying runway or taxiway for too long

So after several flights using the live multiplayer, I’ve discovered some end up starting their session on the runway. I’m all about getting in the air in a hurry and all, but I’ve come across many times that players will sit on the runway for several minutes while I’m trying to land. (All times ATC still clears me to land?)

It would be beneficial to somehow add a timeout so that if a player enters a runway or taxiway without any activity, they get timed out for occupying it for too long. Many people are flying multiple-hour flights just to find someone letting their plane idle on the runway while nature calls, or whatever it may be is frustrating the least. Making this one change may help prevent such experiences from happening and everyone enjoys the game in harmony.

I had to go around 3 times cuz i couldn’t land on my designated runway, some player was there AFK for over 30 minutes at the same spot.

Would be nice to have them automatically kicked offline within 2-3 minutes of inactivity


From my experience you won’t collide with other players so should be safe to still land


true but i’d like to keep it realistic, ATC asked me to go around twice haha.
I picked a different runway now out of frustration.

Oh interesting, I didn’t think ATC factored in other players. If that’s the case then would be nice to have something in place to prevent interference

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honestly was surprised here myself :slight_smile:

I think these may be real traffic aircraft if you have that enabled. MSFS tracks them to the ground then doesn’t know what to do with them. They eventually disappear.

They should do something, but I can’t see anyway around it, save for not allowing Runway starts. Maybe if the app started with Multiplayer defaulted off it might help keep people that are unaware that they are live in the world off the runway.

Thats true…it may be unintentional and completely innocent. I’m not pointing fingers directly, but it is a problem and a solution can be found. Its just a matter of how MS micro-manage it to be the most harmonious for everyone.

The thing is they should at least change the spawn to the holdshort line. Lets say someone spawns and idles there for 10 minutes. People can still land, and people can still takeoff by using a different taxiway and either elect to do an intersection takeoff, or back taxi to the end. (barring the aircraft can make the 180 turn.)


I am not sure how you develop a flight simulator in 2020 and decide to have ATC and multiplayer, and not have handling of the case when a player in multiplayer fails to exit the runway in a timely manner.

To be clear, I get that not everyone knows – or even cares – about IRL procedures and following ATC’s instructions. This isn’t about trying to get other people’s play styles squelched. Though, I would wonder why someone who intends to break airspace rules – or fly knowing they are ignorant of those rules – and turns on multiplayer and engages ATC? I mean, if you aren’t going to listen and obey ATC, why choose to engage it?


The problem is that players land and sit on the runway. ATC will then issue go-arounds to any other players looking to land, and will place aircraft waiting to take-off on hold — and it will do this indefinitely.

What Should Happen

What should happen is a timer begins when an aircraft lands on a runway that ATC is controlling as the “in use” runway, if that aircraft fails to vacate the active runway after 30 seconds the system should make that aircraft drop off as far as the other players are concerned. Just virtually scoop it off the runway.

Then perhaps, notify that pilot that they were kicked from multiplayer due to failure to vacate the active runway. This will help them learn and be aware of the rules/etiquette.

As it stands now, other players have to wait – possibly indefinitely – or they have to override ATC instructions and either take off or land. Then ATC will admonish them for landing or taking off without clearance.

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Mostly you cant force a game that made for all types players to follow one etiquette clearly the people that are afk or just chill on the runway are problem but maybe then should the atc select another runway for landing or deny your request and do some turn arounds

im one of these players that try to follow the etiquette you mentioned and i try to play real

also maybe instead of a kick just set them somehere on the taxiway

I agree, just 30 sec may be not enough to vacate some runway, I think that the timer can be more relaxed as long as the plane is moving…

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one minute should be a good roundabout time to brake and leave the runways with taxispeed. for starting people they should make a 3 minutes times so they have time to input flaps and maybe the flightplan if they didnt setted one up

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Agreed, perhaps make the timer consider the aircraft type. But the time shouldn’t be infinite – which right now it is.

I’d call it a bug more than a feature request. This is core functionality that should have been there from the start.

MS knew better than to release Forza Horizon 4 with multiplayer without designing into it a way to keep extremely bad drivers from affecting the experience of extremely good ones, or players that want to rack up skill points for crashing into walls from affecting the play of drivers who drive seriously, etc.

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This is actually one of the best suggestions I’ve seen with regard to this issue.

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The solution for me is not to allow starting on a runway when multiplayer :v:


I would also prohibit changing sim rate while in live multiplayer, but for now I am totally fine just ignoring any aircraft that ATC is silent about. Some people don’t even look around when starting on apron - some days ago I was in a pattern landing in San Jose, Brazil and some airliner entered runway when I was turning from base to final, so I just landed through it. With unsynchronized ATC, it is pointless to expect perfect discipline from random people. Some don’t even use ATC anyway

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If you don’t like how other people play their game in multiplayer, why do you use multiplayer? Maybe use the group function.


Just in case peeps only start on the runway to avoid having to start the aircraft or just because it’s the default, how about just making the default starting position a ramp/parking spot with engines already up and running, when the origin airport has been selected?

It wouldn’t necessarily get rid of the whole problem, but it should reduce it. :slight_smile:

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Yes ! Problem solved.