Tip for Nvidia Users- Check your 3D settings

I tested a bunch of settings in the nVidia CP that people claim can offer XYZ today. After a number of hours I came to one conclusion… it’s not worth bothering. As far as I can tell, if there are any “gains” to be had, they are so small that I can’t detect them with my eyes or my performance monitoring.

I’ve set everything back to default except FPS limit, which I set to 30 to lower GPU usage in the menus. (Which I always use in 2D mode.)


Wow. Discord is on that list, as is PrecisionX1 and MSI afterburner…and Windows audio service! Lol.

I know. Which is why I just keep posting that page as often as I can, because people come here asking for help, well, here’s the first 40 (or whatever, I haven’t actually counted them) steps to try (including disabling the apps you mentioned), if nothing on that list helps, THEN come ask for help. But those are obviously the first steps to try, and if people won’t do it? Then sorry, I’m not going to try helping you, or frankly, have any sympathy.

It’s not like I’m immune. I haven’t been effected by any of the major bugs from any of the patches or updates, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen next time. But rest assured that if you see me on here asking for help, I’ve already done every single one of the suggestions on that page. And I’ve already put in a ticket with the zen desk.

I’ve seen people who somehow think that stuff doesn’t apply to them. I don’t remember any specific names, and I wouldn’t call them out if I did, but I’ve seen people say things like, “Oh, I’ve got overclocks on, but they’re fine, I’ve been using them that way for months…”

Well, yeah. I had overclocks, too, and they worked just fine… until they didn’t. Right now, I can absolutely guarantee you that if I mess up and leave my GPU overclocks on (as I’ve done a time or two), the CTD train will roll into town before too long. Well, pre-SU5 anyway, I haven’t tested since and see no reason to. Especially with the gains SU5 gave me, both in 2d and VR, why even risk it? I also usually have Discord running. But should I start having problems, like that list from MS says, it would be shut off before I claim to definitively have unfixable problems.

But some people are hard-headed.


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I think limiting FPS definitely improves smoothness - micro stutters almost entirely disappear when I limit to 45 FPS. I use motion reprojection on a 3090, i9 & Reverb G2.

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If you can eagerly give up some performance gains from SU5 for better graphic, you can try this real simple way; go to “adjust image settings with preview” menu and scroll the slide bar to the right end (quality). In my case, this improved really all aspects of graphic side, sharpness, reflection, color, etc…

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It does nothing at all to help or harm performance for me on a Rift S. I don’t see how it can when it is effectively disabled in VR mode. Unless it works on the mirror view, but I don’t know how to check that while in VR mode.

Given that sometimes I get micro-stutters in the same flight in the same plane over the same city on occasion while on others it’s smooth as silk, I’m thinking there might be some placebo affect going on here. But it would be great to know for sure one way or another. (I prefer fact to speculation.)

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Same here. I use SteamVR though and that thing is just bloatware. I think it has random dropped frames as built in functionality. I run the in-headset graph and there is the sudden odd dropped frame (pink line) from nowhere (I am talking about VR gaming in general here, not MSFS specific)… Either side of dropped frame it shows as being miles within the frame time params. Every time SteamVR updates I think… great, what game that I have tuned the living daylights out of for VR will I get random stutters in now.

I sometimes think if I could roll SteamVR back all the way to some of the earlier builds I’d gain 20% performance back.

Having said that, I do appreciate the recent fixed frame rate and prediction options in SteamVR… Actually made MSFS a viable smooth experience.