Tip: How to get your gauges on your Tablet or other monitor

You can hold down the RIGHT ALT key and click on any gauge or instrument in the cockpit to open in in a new window. Then you can drag that window wherever you like.

I also found a little gem called spacedesk (freeware) in which you place the Spacedesk server on your PC then the app on either you android or Ipad etc. This turns your tablet or Ipad into another monitor for your PC. I have 3 tablets so I took different instruments on the plane I fly and placed them on each tablet. Very low FPS hit and seems to communicate well with the PC. The other nice thing is if you have things that use the mouse it is now touch as you just touch your tablet screen.

Unfortunately this does not work with switch panels.

Hope this is helpful.


I didn’t know about the Right Alt click trick… Thanks!

I tried this and can’t seem to get it to work. I set “extended” in my display settings but on my iPad I just see my desktop displayed. When I try to drag something over from FS2020 it stops at the edge of the primary display and does not seem to know there is an extended screen. How did you set yours up?


I have the same issue. Wish I could drag the updated VFR map

All I did was hold down right ALT key and click on the panel I want to separate it. The VFR map has a button to undock it on the top of the window as does the ATC panel. Then I drug it over to my tablet.

It can be a little sensitive, so what I do is get it where part of the bar is showing on the monitor on my tablet then put my mouse on the table screen and drag it the rest of the way there.

If you cant get it let me know I will use my phone and make a quick video on it

This is extremely laggy here, I’ve tested with Duet and Spacedesk but no luck :frowning: Any particular setting you used?

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Thanks, it was the “undock” piece I was missing. Nice to declutter the main screen!!

Nope I use spacedeck at defaults. And the tablet I am using is an old cheap tablet I got years ago that is 4 core with 1 GB of ram on it.

I was going to make a video but it seems it doesnt like my sound input to show you guys how to do it.

@CaptClarence125 I have an AX router so my network speeds are close to 1GB per second on wifi so if you have a router that is not AC or AX it might be the network communications to the tablet.

Sounds like an easy fix been wondering how to put a flight following map or whatever on another device …I’ll give it a try . Thanks

This is really cool. But… it does not work on any gauge. I was thinking this is a GREAT way to set my communication and navigation frequencies while not having to look down. While holding the RIGHT ALT key when you mouse over anything it changes when you can click to open a new window. Clicking (in the Baron) on the Garmin 1000 display ONLY displays the center part of the window and not the entire Garmin. Long slow sigh… so it was somewhat of a let down.

I have only tried this once but I was wondering if this is very a/c dependent on which parts of your display can be opened into a new window.

Thanks for the tip, I really appreciate it.

yes… it is mainly only the “view” of some special “devices”. Which devices have this behavior to externalize its view-screen ( per alt+gr -> Mouse Over you got a big Plus-Sign ) is not know.
In the M20R it is as example only these three devices: Garmin, ADF and Comm/NAV

Also this feature is far away from “externalize the whole device” like in Xplane11 / Prepare3d … but possible we can hope, that in some years these externalized windows contains the whole device :wink:

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Wow, the combination of Smartdesk and my iPad worked immediately. I tried a few different planes and noticed, like others before me, that only the Garmin screens can be undocked and moved to the second screen. The radios work in theory, but look really bad. My favorite plane to use this on right now is the XCub, because it uses a single Garmin screen.

Thanks for the info on spacedesk.
I was looking for a solution like this to put littlenavmap on my tablet when I fly to small airfields. When using bigger airports, I have navigraph maps

I can do the key combination ti take a main display item onto screen permanently fine.

But, many shots that are posted show individual gauge items on the screen. Is that some different add on or is it just from an aircraft with separate gauges. There are many examples posted with separate items for air speed engine rpm etc and I cannot figure how to do that.

By which I mean posts like this on the Miegs Thread (Those gauges etc bottom left AND bottom right.).:

Can’t thank you enough! This is exactly what I’ve been wanting for dual screens. I had no idea it was that easy. Thanks!!

oooh, that spacedesk app seems really nice, I will try it next weekend with an old tablet.
Thanks for the tip ! :smiley:

Yup. Spacedesk is da shiznit as far as I’m concerned. I have both an iPad and an Android tablet mounted on top of my yoke and Logitech AP panels with 3D printed mounts. Both run Spacedesk without issue. Makes for a great view of my PFD and MFD.