Tip: How to get your gauges on your Tablet or other monitor

The G1000 bezel is generated by a 3rd party payware tool called Air Manager.

You can see it in action with the G1000 NXi with my current setup here if you’re interested.

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I’ve used spacedesk with android devices for a while.
Good for garmin screens.
For gauges, there is an android app called Sim Dashboard.
I use it on my phone to display Attitude and Airspeed Indicators.
It works like a charm.

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Peixsoft had a great app. Popped out the entire MFD. Could control AP, Com&Nav radios… Until MS killed 3rd party content. Now the sim won’t even load with it installed.

I can still use the MSFSTOOLS Connect. But that’s just the MFD, with no control knobs

Glass Cockpit to Sim doesn’t pop out anything from the sim and never did. It’s a standalone app that emulates the look and feel of the G1000, much like using the Simionics G1000 for iPad.

MS didn’t kill it. It still worked post SU5. You need to have both FSUIPC and PeixConnect installed. It doesn’t install into the sim in any way. It talks to your PC va PeixConnect, which talks to FSUIPC (free or paid version) which then communicates with the sim via SimConnect.

Semantics. It still gave you all the touch controls that everyone is looking for.

It most definitely did kill it. Sim won’t load past 50% with any of the FSUIPC software installed. I had it working just fine a month ago.

There’s something definitely wrong on your end, there’s no question about that. What that problem is, I don’t know. But I can quite assure you that Glass Cockpit to Sim works the same as it always did. I have it installed on my Android tablet and my son’s uses it flying in MSFS on his computer. It works.

And lots of people use FSUIPC regularly without issue Take a look in the hardware section of the forum. People use that exclusively as their input interface for all their peripherals and it works just fine. Entire home cockpits are run via FSUIPC. If MS had killed it, people would be screaming bloody murder.

Have you updated FSUIPC and all your other stuff to the latest versions?

thanks for sharing the video. I tried to get that working too but am unsure about if i installed everything correct. I noteced some of the Keys/knobs working but others (softkeys at the bottom) dont.

Anything i can do about that, or is that still missing some access to the Sim in the MSFS SDK?

Boy that’s infuriating to hear, because it is my absolute favorite app I’ve found for this sim.

I’ve done 5 complete uninstall/install’s, and I still can’t get the sim to load past 50%.

Are you sure it doesn’t install ANYTHING into MSFS2020 files? I mean, I have to take your word on it, because I’ve been scouring the game files, and can’t find anything.

FSUIPC is a completely independent interface that’s been around forever now. It talks to MSFS (or FSX prior) via SimConnect. There’s no direct plugin required for it to work with MSFS. It runs independently and uses SimConnect. And the PiexConnect doesn’t talk to MSFS either. All it does is act as the Wi-Fi bridge between your tablet and your PC. It talks to FSUIPC on behalf of your tablet since there’s no way to wi-fi directly into FSUIPC.

I wish I had some answers for you as to what could be wrong.

Well, you got me to stop looking through program files, so that’s a start…

I Gotta figure this out… Don’t really want to continue flying without the peripherals set up

Air Manager 4 was developed by Sim Innovations specifically for compatibility with MFS. Even before it was released, SI had an unlimited-use free beta that worked perfectly with MFS.
I’m unfamiliar with bad reviews of AM. Everyone seems to rave about it.
For lots more information, watch Russ Barlow’s videos on YouTube. (Russ is the private fellow who worked with SI to develop their Knobster.)

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Sim Innovations does not mention Garmin bezels in either the 4.1 release notes or the 4.1 Wiki thread. Where did you obtain that information? (I’m certainly hoping it’s factual. It would simplify things immensely.)

Considering I’m using it, yeah, I’d say it’s factual. Lol And it’s in the current version / latest of Air Manager, whatever version number that may be.

That said, I’ve modified their G1000 bezel to fix a couple of issues with some functions not working or not behaving as the real thing. I’ve also added compatibility with the Working Title G1000 NXi’s VNAV function. It works like a dream.

You can download it and my other custom instruments here…

You can see me use it here while demoing the NXi VNAV.

I’ll second that opinion! Air manager is awesome for external touchscreens. Especially the G1000s and CJ4. It can’t help the lacking functionality of touch/mouse response of popped-out G3000/5000 or other Native MSFS panels until they (MS/Asobo) add support for it.

But for bezels, virtual instruments and hardware knobs/switches/LEDs, you can’t beat Air Manager.

And @Crunchmeister71 and others have done awesome work to integrate MSFS functionality into what seems like an X-plane ecosystem. I’ve done a bunch of my own programming/customization too but you don’t really need it if you get the latest .siff files from @Crunchmeister71 and others.

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I had the same problem about a month ago,every time i got the curser close to anything it lite up in blue and you could not change anything went into general and changed it to legacy ,instead of modern.Its been working just fine ever sense.Hope this will help

Thanks very much !!

actually the detachment of the windows are not optimized we have a drop in FPS from 10 to 15. I opened a ticket

Good luck with that. People have been putting tickets in since before the launch over a year ago. The only thing that’s happened since is it’s gotten worse.

It wasn’t too bad initially. You’d lose about 5 fps for your first pop-out, then 2-3 per window after. Since the VR update last December, it’s an instant 10-15 fps drop the second you pop out a single window. Thankfully, popping out more doesn’t add to that load.

I suspect this was a side effect of adding a second viewport for VR mode.

Thanks for the reply Jodaje I really don’t know anything about ,VR,I saw what you said something about gauges moving around ,I guess in your helmet or goggles you wear .I just thought you might be having a simular problem like I have about with the cursor on my mouse moving the cockpit around when I try to move it around,If it wasn’t for you friends on the sim. we might not ever get this sim like we want it,So far it has been very disappointing,Good luck my friend, I hope you get everything working like you want,corcky37