Tired to read whining

We have a full world map photorealistic available to fly and there are peoples whining for 2-3 % problems found in maps?
This is not respectful to the devs… and don’t talk me about moneys because no one of us is homeless for have spent 60 or 100 euros in this big project!

I think a lot of peoples here should go to play fortnite or pubg or cod… And go away from here.


And you’re whining about people whining!


On terrain mesh alone, most of the entire world’s water has not had a mask applied. Numerous users have complained of low-quality mesh being streamed in which affects 100% of their map. The night lighting in the game is low-quality which also affects 100% of the map at night time. The last patch nuked water textures for many users so now all bodies of water just appear flat.

My point is that I think your “2-3 % problems” estimate is a bit off.

Judging from your cavalier attitude towards it, I guess that you have tons of money - that doesn’t make it true for the rest of us. Simply because I didn’t become homeless by purchasing the game doesn’t mean I have to give the developers undeserved respect for not delivering a working product with the marketed features.

If you’re tired of reading “whining” as you put it, don’t read it.


Like a child…always +1 more then you… C’mon :weary:

70-80% problems of this sims are from user pc… Me and many other peoples have not facing problem from the day 1…never had crash, never had stuck…never had any kind of problems.

The sim is 1 month old…is it to much difficult to play without whining and wait for the future patch? They are working hard … everyday…

This is the unique big project live at the moment, no other sims are big like this, no other games… So if someone of you can do better… Show us open a software house and let us say : wow it’s amazing…

I’m not rich but i can live after spent 80 euros here and wait for patch every 2 weeks.

And i am grateful for what devs have done and are doing

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Good to know that the aircraft have no bugs at all and its all down to us fools not knowing how to use our PC’s except for you! Sheesh you live and learn!

Do you give tuition?


These posts are hilarious…“gO plAy foRnite, yOur opInIOn maKeS Me sAd”


Kraghton’s not getting much love here, so let me throw my support. Really hate to see the entitlement attitude – whether you like the product or not or feel you got your money’s worth, it’s one thing to respectfully request improvements, quite another to insult the obviously very talented developers with comments like “Patch 2 is an absolute joke!”.


That’s really sad. If that’s what you care about you should take a trip outside in the real world. People play with this sim mainly because they can’t operate these incredible machines in the real world, this is their best chance. The site-seeing part was always an added bonus but today the couch potatoes have taken over this niche and they bi*ch about real simmers.

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That’s the problem we didn’t t get what was advertised and paid quite a lot of money for! Where are the highly accurate aircraft? Did they advertise that the sim is bug riddled? Who the hell are you decide that I was or was’nt ripped off?

If you bought a watch advertised as highly accurate and it was anything but, you would’nt be peeved off?

People like you who accept mediocrity as the “New Normal” are a big part of the problem!

Unlike you apparently most people don’t have money to burn on ■■■■ like this.

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