To Beaver or not to Beaver... that is the question

Where would you like to spawn? I’ll create some. There’s a ton available for Alaska and Washington.

Check out 69NH just south of the White Mountains

Hopefully Asobo adds a ton of seaplane bases to the sim with the update in a week since they showed the XCub on floats in the xbox trailer. I also hope they improve the float physics so we can finally have a sim with realistic float flying since both X-Plane and P3D are a bit meh for floats.


If you want to fly from some floatplane bases in Province of Quebec, Canada, this is the link: Québec FSXX - FS2020 - MSFS (

There is a large amount of seaplane bases available on
What Asobo needs to do is to ensure that all water is adequately flat, and to improve physics to include elements of low-speed control, waves, buoyancy, hydroplaning/foiling, tiedowns for piers, etc.


Coming up on a step.

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These are the Beaver’s night lighting. Note… these are WIP (work in progress) and may change given testers opinions.


I think these gauges in my opinion should have backlight lighting, and they look like lit by an external lamp,
…but I know that is still WIP so I don’t worry for now :wink:


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Agreed… Dev has been asked to “make it so”.



This is a project I have a lot of interest in!

May I give an opinion? I think the Textures for the Cockpit look a little too “harsh”, like the Contrast was set too high. I know it’s a replication of an old aircraft, but I think it would look better if the metal frames had a more subtle “aging” and less sharpness all around.

This picture here is what I think would best represent what you know is a well flown Beaver but still in great shape expected for such a plane. Less is more in my book.

qe5tdyioent11.jpg (4048×3036) (

Just a feedback to make this even more appealing to my eyes!


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The paint kit will include the dirt layers so, you can, if you’d like, do a paint that pleases your eyes.


After the experience with the Corsair (my first Milviz product) I definitely smell a sell on this one.
Off topic: @Krazycolin any plans for an Ju 87 for MSFS?

It’s under consideration…

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Night lighting fixed.


Good news everybody! Asobo have added several hundred water runways to the game! After I updated my Little NavMap database it shows 701 water runways. Unfortunately though it seems the overwhelming majority of them lack parking spots so you start with everything turned on at the actual water runway instead of cold and dark. Almost all of them are contained within the US as well with a handful in Canada and Sri Lanka. Still better than nothing eh? Just took off from Commodore Center just north of San Francisco in the Cessna 172 amphib!

Screenshot of LNM with all the water runways in USA+Canada selected:

Edit: Just noticed that was only 250 odd selected. There’s a fair few more including more in Canada and some dotted around Europe (mostly France), a couple in New Zealand and a couple in Fiji


… and amphibians are now working properly with SU5 in terms of transitioning back and forth between water and land. Looks like it’s setup so you don’t insta-crash if you are temporarily “mismatched” (e.g. you slide into land before putting gear down, or drop gear in water). Good stuff, ready for some Beaver action!

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And I have no doubt that MilViz will manage to make working water rudders, unlike Asobo!

With my PALH, you will have lot of starts point for Float and Amphib :wink:


Working landing gear, too.

The landing gear on the Asbobo amphibs works. If it’s doesn’t there’s a mod in your community folder screwing it up. I speak from experience.

Ah! Any idea which mod might be the offender? Which one affected you? Thanks!