To Beaver or not to Beaver... that is the question

Don’t know… it’s ready when it’s ready and it’s not yet ready but as soon as it’s ready we will let everyone know that it’s ready to be… uh… ready.


I am not sure what you meant when you said you were looking for suggestions to which GPS units it will support but won’t do G1000 etc… Does that mean you’re open to the GNS530? GTN750? I’d love the GTN750 version - and as you know, the gauge is already available for MSFS.


We’re open adding any existing default or 3PD units.

Not as a flight avionics but as Navaids or radios.


Yeah, I’d love the GTN gauge support with a native bezel.

Like I said, if it exists already, we will add it. But, it working properly, if it doesn’t, is on you.

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The developer of the GTN750 addon, @ScorpionFilm422, is VERRYYY active in supporting the gauge.

It’s been out for people’s use for quite a while now, and he’s the developer of the GNS530 mod that made it usable.


Yes, it’s great. Both JustFlight and Carenado have incorporated support for GTN750 into their aircraft and the results are awesome!


I completely agree, these mods are some of the best in the sim (for me anyway)

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I am really liking just the free version - but I’m considering the $75 cost of the full version. I need to convince myself it’s not insane to spend $75 on an add-on GPS display for a video game. LOL.

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I paid the $25 one year price, and will decide in a year whether to pay the remaining 50 for the lifetime license.


Eh… I mean… RealityXP GNS for P3D was about $60… GTN is another $60… Put it this way, a gauge is something you can use in a ton of aircraft, and the further we go in this, the more there will be. So, I don’t see it as that huge of a deal.

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Funny thing is I always wanted an updatable 750 in P3D times. It was the easiest way to operate on an iPad. Now I got Stream Deck and find myself rather use the 530. This way I can do away with the mouse entirely.
That being said I would like support for the fabulous Pms GTN in the hopes that Asobo fixes the loss of control on docked out windows someday and then I could use an iPad/ touchscreen again to control it.
Tl;dr: I also would welcome the addition of the gtn 750 as well as a 530/430

So basically I know exactly what I will be waiting to buy in the future.

Any words on the planned level of detail/fidelity for this aircraft?

It’s MilViz. They don’t do things half-way.

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So, (semi) final decision has been made:

Initial release will include regular wheels/ski’s (as they’re essentially the same, we don’t have to redo the FD profile) and amphibious floats. No STOL kit.

Second release (yes, a different product) will be the TBeaver with STOL and amphibious floats. Maybe we will add tundra tires too but that remains to be seen.


I know I’m in the minority with wanting a wheeled variant but this seems like the best approach. Can’t wait to fly it! I’ve been a big Milviz fan ever since the Sabre (hope that makes it over here too!) and can’t think of a better dev to reproduce a well worn airplane such as a Beaver.


Yeah, looking forward to it, too. I really loved the Beaver in P3D. And would be all over a TBeaver as well. And I also prefer the wheeled variants.

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Do you guys have a discord server we can follow?

We’re not very active on there but we do respond if asked questions. Even if only to say “Not yet!” or “when it’s done” or “no way!”