To the owners of the Eurofighter Typhoon

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Brief description of the issue:

After the SU6, it is almost impossible to land this aircraft, because the lever that activates the air brake does not work, does the same thing happen to other owners? Do you have any solution for this anomaly?
Regards: Delfin

Bind the airbrake to some keyboard key
Look in the deploy spoilers section in controls options

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Hi @Sakisappolon

I always activate/deactivate the spoiler (air brake) from inside the aircraft, directly with the mouse on the small lever provided for that purpose.

After the SU6, the following happens:

This small lever is located forward (in “armed” position, before it was in position 0 (zero); the first step was to arm it by pulling it towards the pilot and there it was armed. Then with the mouse, I brought it towards me in a variable way depending on what percentage I wanted to activate it: 20%, 30%, 80%, etc. and left it in any position. Now, when I try to bring it closer (“Y” movement), it either comes completely or not at all. If it comes completely close, it indicates 0%, in no other intermediate position it is possible to place it. This position used to be 100%. This is how I activated it, now it is not activated at all.

If you understand this explanation of mine, please inform me why I have to do it with another procedure: I did not have it assigned to any key or button, I activated it directly with the mouse, and now it does not work.

I hope you understand me and see if it is possible to solve it.

Kind regards: Delfin

I know what you’re saying and i stand with what i said.
The matter on WHY you have to do it with another way,you should ask the dev who made that god forsaken addon and not me

Delete the button assigned to Toggle airbrake and then assign two to extract and retract airbrake
and the airbrake should work again.

Blue skies!

You really don’t want to waste time doing that in a fast jet.
Bind the function to an easy to reach button or key. It makes flying the aircraft (any fast jet with an air brake) so much easier.

Hi @FerrariFired1 y @Somethingbrite
Ambos teneis razón en vuestro comentario, pero la verdad, no tengo ni idea de cómo asignar esta función a una o dos teclas (activar/desactivar). En mi opinión se debe al pésimo manual de usuario de este avión.

Supongo que vosotros lo conoceis bien. Os voy a pedir este favor:

Podeis explicarme secuencialmente como se hace eso, acompañado a alguna imagen o incluso un minivídeo de la operación de asignación. Os quedaré profundamente agradecido.
Kind regards: Delfin

TBH I seriously think that this addon does not worth any kind of serious flying inside cockpit… it’s more arcade than a real arcade game…

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As far as I know the toogle spoilers was broken by SU5 and had impact on all planes using airbrakes so its not just related to the Eurofighter.

You have to find the Secondary Control Surfaces menu for the joystick or keyboard (Controls Option) in the sim and then assign two new buttons to Extract and Retract Spoilers.

This was discussed in another forum thread as well:

Speed brakes cannot be toggled to deployed position on most Asobo aircraft after Sim 5 update - Bugs & Issues / Aircraft Systems - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

In that thread they posted photos of the controls menu where you assign new buttons.

I hope this will provide the needed information and help fix the airbrake issue.

Blue skies!

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Hi @FerrariFired1

It is very surprising that me having this Eurofighter, I was not hit by that spoiler defect until SU6 was downloaded.

After reviewing and reading the post link you sent me, the following happens:

In the image that comes in that post (from the link), 2 concepts about spoilers appear:

Retract Spoilers, and

Extend Spolilers

In Extend Spolilers, I suppose that these would be extended in their entirety at once, not like before that you could extend it the desired percentage. Is that the case now?

Well in any case, in the image that I send (from my Sim.), only appears a single concept “toggle Spoilers”. How can I add in that page the same 2 concepts?

The truth is that to add one more concept, I would have to modify the programming of the Sim. so that it obeys the added concept. Am I wrong).

Again I would be grateful if you could answer these questions I ask you.

I add to that, this problem is solved (although not as it was before SU6). Now if I can activate and deactivate that airbrake, and with it, the Typhoon is more tameable. Otherwise, it was almost impossible. Surely in the next update, it will break again, and again, we will get angry and fight again to make it work.

Well, FerrariFired1, you have done me a great service, a great help, hardly surmountable. That link with the post that discussed that problem, shows me that you have really cared about helping me; that link, has been fundamental and I am deeply grateful to you. Tell me: Do you have the Eurofighter, if so, did you also have the same problem)?

Receive for your impeccable help, a big virtual hug: Delfín

I believe you have to change the Filter from Assigned to Not Assigned before you will see the Extract and Retract options because no buttons have been assigned to them by default.
And when the Filter is changed then you can see and assign new buttons to those two.

Yes I got same problem with airbrakes in general but after SU5 was installed.

I am not able to interpret what you tell me. In Filter I only see three possibilities: Assigned, All and Essential, Where to find “Not assigned”. Please send me a image of how it should be configured.
Thank you. Regards: Delfin

Oh I seem to have remembered wrong about what the Filter option was called X)

Just choose All in the Filter option and you will see the Control Surfaces which havent got a button assigned to them.
Including the Extend and Retract Spoilers options.

And in the forum thread mentioned above you can see pictures of how others configured the airbrake/spoiler.

I did not get what I wanted: the spoiler to extend and withdraw progressively. Both movements are done in one go in their entirety, but I am satisfied, until the next SU7, which I hope will solve this problem.
For everything, thanks for your effort FerrariFired1
Kind regards: Delfin

After installing SU6 I got CTD whenever I want to fly with Eurofighter Typhoon.

Post SU6, I cannot get the Eurofighter Typhoon to load. Immediate CTD EVERY TIME. So far, no SU6 issues with MSFS default aircraft.