Tobii eye tracker pause button, please

Pausing on a cockpit control would make it easier to then use the control with the mouse.

I’m just trying to understand this Wishlist topic better.
Are you looking for something that pauses the eye tracker without pausing the sim?

Need a pause in place to freeze tracking so we can manipulate controls. The current pause ey tracking snaps back to default view.

Ah, I get it. So you’re asking to be able to pause it without automatically snapping back to the default view. Yeah, that would be a useful option.

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We can toggle of course using the “Toggle Head Tracking” keybind so maybe this is what you are asking for? Using a head tracker you,

  1. Look at a position.
  2. Pause head tracking (not disable)
  3. Manipulate the switches or whatever.
  4. Unpause head tracking.

After step 4, the head tracking should snap to the whatever your current head position is as though it were never paused.

Doing the above would indeed make it a lot easier for us to toggle switches, use CDUs, etc.

Personally I’d like the “pause” facility to be a press and hold button. Not a toggle.

Yes, to make it easier to make changes to a cockpit control with the mouse.

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I’m sorry, what are you trying to pause? I don’t own a Tobii eye tracker so I am trying to understand this request. I’m also trying to understand if this is something that Tobii should be doing instead of MSFS.

Tobii support is fully integrated in MSFS, there are no settings for MSFS in the Tobii Game Hub software. This means the pause functionality must be added in MSFS.

Still, for TrackIR, that feature is made available by the accompanying software, so you might as well direct your request to Tobii, I guess?

I posted this in another thread that may be relevant to what is being discussed here. Specifically the third paragraph.

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Please would you add the option to pause tobi eye tracker in the sim without the camera view re setting to default cockpit ? This would nake it easier to set knobs and switches etc

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What a Fantastic suggestion. That would be the one trick that would make Tobi better than the competition.

The other being I don’t have to have anything on my head to use it. :slight_smile:


That option is already there. Just bind a button to toggle eye tracking. You can then disable Tobii anytime you want to. Very easy and I use it all the time.

The only bind available that I know of turns eye tracking off/on, not freeze, as with TrackIR. The camera returns to default position.

Camera operations in the sim are severely limited, and far below the standard for flight sims. It’s a disappointment considering the excellence of MSFS.

No it’s not! Toggling eye tracking on and off is a different function from freezing the camera and retaining the camera view at the time of the freeze. Toggling off automatically recenters the camera. Maybe watch videos on TrackIR 5 (if you don’t have one), and understand the “pause” (freeze) function.

Yes thats true, toggle eye tracking is not the same as pause. The camera re sets to center when you toggle eye tracking and thats no good when you want to interact with a switch or knob on the overhead panel etc.

It looks like this issue is going round in circles with no resolution. May I restate the issue without an implimentation

Problem scenario:
Flying Cessna 172 with Tobit eye tracker
Viewing copilots MDF
Wanting to use mouse to adjust Range -ve knob.

As I look at the range button any slight movement of the eye shifts the image under the mouse pointer
the result being it difficult to grab the knob to make the adjustment

What is wanted:
Means to stabilize the image, so the mouse pointer may be adjusted easily
Means to turn off the stabilization & continue exactly where I was
MSFS simulation to be functioning throughout

n.b. If user makes substantive head movements before turning off, then it would be reasonable to make a similar substantive shifts in the view.
The intention is just to facilitate the user making instrument updates with the mouse.

Current available button make substantive shifts in the cockpit view as being turned on / off

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