Tobii Eye Tracker?

I remember someone wrote that their eye tracker worked fine in the alpha version.
I have not had that much success with mine using the 4c version.

Drivers are installed and its activated, working fine in windows but MFS2020 does not appear to pick it up at all.

Did you install: FaceTrackNoIR V200?
That is required to interact with Tobii 4C. Then you’ll need to set that up.

EDIT: This needs to be loaded and “Start” before you execute MSFS. Then in “Controllers” in the MSFS menu, you now see TrackIR listed. Took a bit to calibrate and while not perfect, it works “OK”.

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ohh thanks! i didnt know that i needed a 3rd party software. Was hoping MS could have integrated it directly.

Thanks ill definitely look into it!

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This works with the 5 version as well, and didn’t require any specific additional calibration to work, aside from not setting your ‘centre view’ command to the same as a MSFS keyboard command.

This is good to know because v5 has head tracking whereas v4 is eyes only. But the FaceTrackNoIR memicks head movement (not too well); esp on ultrawide monitors over 30" (or is it 32")? I have a 34" UW and has problems reaching left and right as well as you can not look down (limitation of Tobii 4C).

It’s Tobii that needs to come out with drivers for MSFS something that has been requested from them so they put it in their “Game Hub”.


The v5 works fine for me on a 34" 21:9 monitor (which I didn’t buy for MSFS, honest :innocent:)

Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is there any way to get it working with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 ?

Tobii can not provide any information.
Microsoft, Asobo, Zendesk can not provide any information.
I have contacted both.

Tobii Eye Tracker 5 provides head and eye tracking support. It works in Digital Combat Simulator, IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles and American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simuilator.

I have Track IR 5 but Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is just leagues better than that, so really want to get it to work. If anyone in the community has any information on upcoming support please let me know, or if you have found a way to get it to work please let me know!

I will share if I can get it working with all of you as well.

All of my other peripherals worked out of the box, throttle, joystick, gamepad, mouse, keyboard and pedals, so good work Microsoft and Asobo and everyone on the team. Just need to get this last peripheral Tobii Eye Tracker 5 working and for me it is complete. Impressive game!


Wow, I own a TrackIR and didn’t know of this. Seems technically advanced. If it works better I hope either the developer or Microsoft provide support soon.

Does it use the Open Track software? If it does, I think you can turn on TrackIr emulation

There’s a software called FaceTrackNoIR that can emulate TrackIR using webcams and other devices, including the Tobii. Somebody already made instructions to get v5 working in Star Citizen here, it should be the same for FS (only you don’t have to enable anything in game).

The forum won’t allow me to post links, but I got my Tobii 4C to work with Flight Sim 2020 and wrote a full guide on how to set it up.

Tobii 5 is amazing. Please support this in MSFS.


I’ll be trying this soon, but I so wish it would also support eye tracking. The mix of head and eye tracking Elite Dangerous is amazing.

Tobii Eye Tracker v5 is capable of tracking both head and eye movements.
They just need to make drivers available for MSFS so we don’t have to use a 3rd party “joystick” emulator.

On games that they do support, it works amazing. Plus I like how it integrates with Windows 10. :slight_smile:

I have Tobii Eye Tracker 5. Hoping for support from Asobo


Cool. Finally something you dont have to wear on your head. DCS has it, and a whole slew of other major games. Shame neither are responding to its support.

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Please vote here for Tobii Eye Tracker 5 support - let’s get it upvoted and added!


this, so much this, I’ve been trying to get Tobii support since beta, no dice :confused: Go vote on the wishlist thread above!

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Tobii 5 is amazing. Please support this in MSFS.

I would like to see support for tobii eyetracking!