Tobii Eye Tracking needs configuration options

This youtube video will show you how to fix the Z axis i.e. moving closer/further away from your instruments:
Fix For #Tobii Eye Tracker not Moving Forward and Backward | MSFS 2020
Just ignore his advice about binding F12 to RESET HOME COCKPIT CAMERA as F12 is a hidden function. With thanks to @TheRealPlato testing it out to confirm this.

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I have made a thread requesting the implementation of Relative Translation for Tobii Eye Tracker.

Do check it out and vote here if you think it will be useful. Thanks!


F12 is fixed in SU9 as it is now bound to EYE TRACKING RESET.

Please separate the Pitch and Yaw sensitivity settings in the Tobii settings. Especially now with the, multimonitor support that the SU10 beta has brought, it’s more necessary than ever to be able to set different rates for these axises. The super wide fov requires much more vertical/pitch movement compared to the side to side/yaw movement.


Anyone else getting better performance from the Tobii eye tracker by placing the tracker on your Honeycomb Alpha as opposed to underneath the monitor? I was getting very jumpy inconsistent behaviour having it under the monitor even though it wasn’t beyond line of site to my head and eyes. I’ve now put it on top of the Saitek Radio Panel which is on top of my Honeycomb Alpha and it’s frigging awesome now. I just used some velcro, and now it’s great. I’m guessing it was too far from my head before.

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