Tobii Eye Tracking needs configuration options

Official Tobii head/eye tracking support is welcome but it is in need of additional configuration and options to make it truly useful in sim.
Please give us the ability to change some options like Eye/Head/Both for tracking. Ideally it needs curves and sensitivities like any other controller method. Finally, it needs to support full 6DOF tracking so we can move left, right, up, down, forwards and back. The Tobii hardware is great, it just needs unlocked in the sim.
Things currently seem very half baked for Tobii support with the initial implementation. Other sims have many options available to fine tune the tracking experience.

We would love to have this as well. Currently talking to Microsoft/Asobo about this. Thanks for voicing your opinions and great feedback. All the voting helps to show how important this is for you, the players!

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Hi guys,

what’s the difference between Tobii Eye Tracking andf TrackIR?

Good to hear. I was thinking of getting a trackIR for the sim but have pretty much decided to save my pennies for a while longer to afford a Tobii tracker instead. Especially after the reports of trackIR now being broken after this recent update.

It tracks your eye movement as well as your head movement plus you don’t need to wear sensors on your head.

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to be fair , i have both , and at the moment , track ir is still superior, when working

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Sound like the Tobii eye tracker when its implemented properly will be the better investment though. I just like the idea of not having to wear sensors, if nothing else (and I don’t mean I flight sim naked :rofl:)



To be even more honest, track ir has worked very well in all simulators for years and does everything you need. But after SU7 in MSFS it doesn’t work well anymore. MS compensates you by giving you the chance to try Tobii. No one seems to care if you have already wasted 150$ on track ir and have to spend another 250 on tobii. I almost had decided to buy tobii too, but now I’m starting to think that maybe it would be better to continue with track ir and change simulator.


A big thankyou to Asobo for implementing Tobii support. Now, all it needs, as people have stated, is some more options to tweak the sensitivity and turn eyetracking/headtracking on/off.


I have a lot of fun with my tobii now!
But yes sensitivity option will be great :slight_smile:


Really surprised that a system which costs more than TrackIR doesn’t have the functionality to tune sensitivity outside of the game and would rely on a game Dev to do most of that implementation within the game itself.

With TrackIR all of this is taken care of through the TrackIR control software, independent of game title.

TrackIR doesn’t really require an in game on/off. Why it’s there at all in FS2020 puzzles me. Maybe Asobo don’t understand how it works or that I can use hotkeys direct to the TrackIR software itself to pause or re-centre tracking?

I’m genuinely interested in other options but it does seem odd and somewhat of a usability goof that Tobii can’t be tuned independently of a title. Seems pretty inflexible to me and this gives me a lot of doubts about whether it would suit me across the titles that I currently use tracking in.

In case you have not seen this
Asobo (we should know them by now) introduces new features in phases. I would consider SU7 phase one - get Tobii support in sim out and see if it breaks anything.
They know what they are doing. I just feel like they are overwhelmed by the amount of things to do. Don’t expect any new features for Tobii to be added until SU8.

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Way too sensitive for three monitor sims I turn my head 45 degrees and looking at the rudder!

Not enough movement from eye tracking either, but beautifully smooth and nice not to have to put anything on my head :slight_smile: look forward to settings as a priority followed by adding the extra three directions of movement which I’m not missing so much

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I switched from trackir and not regretting it even with the lack of setting for msfs currently. I don’t get why we can adjust setting in the tobii hub for other games but not msfs but if you aren’t putting in in games setting then it’s sure to upset a few people. I absolutely loved trackir but happy to say I’m mostly a convert

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I’m on the fence about what’s the best yes trackir is slightly smoother and currently more configurable but not having to wear something is game changing for me and when settings do get added I know what side of the fence I will be on then

Would very much like to see more adjustability for #tobii I have both trackir and tobii and I prefer the freedom tobii offers.


Just installed my Tobii Tracker 5. Pretty cool actually.
But yeah, a bit jumpy due to the eye trackiing.
Head tracking seems ok, but the eye tracking has me all over the place.
If I squint enough that Tobii can’t pick up my eye movements, and just relies on the head movement, then things settle down pretty good (testing of course, I couldn’t do that all the time).

Also, you CAN set any button on any device to toggle the eye tracking.
I first set it to F12 and then set it to a button on my Honeycomb Alpha… both work to toggle it on and of from within the aircraft.

It’s late tonight, but tomorrow I’m going to play around with some positioning and recalibration.
We’ll see if I can get things to improve. Right now, it kinda makes me dizzy at times.



I sincerely hope we can configure out Tobii sensitivity soon! Whilst on the ground, I have to play an annoying game of make the cursor hit the right button, because if my gaze wanders even slightly, I’ve turned the engine off, or activated ELT, or dropped my flaps :sweat_smile:

Also, this is the first time a game has ever made me feel seasick! For now, I have to disable the feature, I can’t wait to be able to use it once again.

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What is crazy it that someone either at Asobo or a TrackIr who did this implementation was happy with this default setup (with eye tracking). Who ever does it checked his task box but clearly did not try to make it usable.


Haha, same here. I was wondering that a game could make me feel dizzy. Thought my 60+ FPS were the cause. I assigned a button in my yoke to turn on/off headtracking. Can’t use it all the time. Turning it on for taxi, runway-approach and so on.

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I would like the ability to disable an axis either directly in the settings or via the sensitivities. I’ve only got 5DOF as I’ve disabled Roll using the sensitivities inside of FaceTrackNoIR V200