Too less performance?

Hi all,

It puzzles me that I’m not seeing a higher fps count here.
These pictures are taken within a few seconds of each other.
You can see that both the cpu and gpu are not fully utilized giving me the thought that there could be more performance gained.

Maybe I’m thinking the wrong way and I hope someone can clarify that.

Thanks in advance.
Cheers Mark

Edit: i’m flying the DC6 here.

There’s a lot here missing to properly look into this. What’s your system specs? Resolution? Graphics settings?

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The DC-6 runs awfully at the moment in my experience. There was a brief moment during the SU5 beta where it was incredible, but the changes to the sim that enabled that performance were rolled back due to some kind of issues.
I got literally 70-100% more performance for a while with some flights averaging 80 fps, but now it’s back to 35-45 fps.

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Thank you guys for your replies, much appreciated!!

I have the following specs:
RX 6800 XT (16GB Vram)
32 GB ram
Resolution: 3840x1600

High preset with all sliders to a 100, except the terrain lod, thats set to 200.


Thanks @Ch4rly9725786 for the link towards the PMDG forum.
I have not read it all yet, but I will dive into it shortly.
I did some digging before and I am aware of the fact that Asobo “took one of the rendering channels down”.

Regarding to the article from Juli you referred too, do you know by accident if this so called rendering channel is made available again hence we are a few updates further?
Or are we still waiting for this?

Cheers Mark

Hopefully we get that performance back in the near future. Maybe DX12 can help, I don’t know.

Your performance is in line with what your specs are …
CPU Util is showing the overall number and not showing your preferred cores which are usually being hammered up to 4.9-5.0 ghz at 90% to 100%

As for the Card those fps numbers are perfectly in range as well.

My specs
5900x / 6800xt /32GB ram
Resolution 3440x1440p + 110% Render Scaling. Stock Ultra.
I lock the frames at 50fps and it mostly hangs out there in cruise. On the ground i do fluctuate between 30-45 fps
Mind you I don’t know how fine tuned your PBO is and if you run your card overclocked…
Also you are running the sim at a higher resolution so that will impact performance a little.

Nice to see someone else doing a full AMD Build as well…

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Thank you for your clarification. It makes more sense now.

I’m running my system all with default settings. I’m too scared to mess something up😅

Nice to see someone with similar specs.
Did you happen to experience random black screens?
I did, and it turned out that the Vbios of the gpu was the culprit.
I got this Msi gaming X trio card.
RMA’d the thing and its performing great again since.

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Running it default is ok. Just make sure your memory DOCP/XMP is enabled at least.

Glad you got the black screen issue resolved . I never had it (Knock on wood) im running a powercolor model. If you need any help or want to compare notes let me know.


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Thank you so much!!
Will do👍🏼

Check, my memory is running @ 3600mhz

Cheers Mark

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Hi there,

I’ve tested a lot of GPUs in FS2020, and I’ve noticed this beahviour with a 6800XT too. I’ve had occasions when it simply sits at 45-47FPS and will not run higher (this was at 3440x1440p so similar to you). The GPU has significantly higher potential than that - normally running in excess of 60FPS in the test flight I use over NYC on high end settings preset.

You’re obviously not CPU or RAM limited with a 5900X (12% utilised) and the tell-tale is GPU utlisation being under about 95%. It should remain high/100% unless you’re sitting at the normal 60FPS frame rate limiter.

Sadly I never found a fix, other than restarting the PC and the game, when it would normally run fine again for the duration, until it didn’t again.

I’d suggest using the application ‘DDU’ (display driver uninstaller) to remove all trace of your display drivers, then reinstalling Radeon software from AMD’s website. Also ensure WIndows and the Game are fully up to date. Beyond that I’m afraid I can only confirm your experience, not offer a definite fix. (I’ve never had this with the NVidia cards I’ve tested…)

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That’s just not true. Overall CPU utilization is a poor metric for understanding CPU bottlenecks, especially with DX11. For DX11, there’s a main thread that handles most of the tasks, followed by a few secondary threads. Once the main thread is at 100%, you’re effectively bottlenecked at the CPU, even though overall utilization is quite low.

For MSFS, you’re either CPU limited (limited by main thread) or limited by the GPU. Unless you’re running ridiculously slow or high latency RAM, there’s no such thing as “RAM limited.” If you want to see more, enable Dev Mode in options and show the FPS counter. This will tell you in text whether you’re CPU or GPU limited.


Yes I understand that, but it’s a 5900X. I test with a 5800X. They have the highest single core throughput of any current CPUs.

When I see this same underutlisation of a 6800XT, I am logging metrics and know that no core is fully ulitised and the sim is NOT CPU limited. The 6800XT just fails to perform to full potential for whatever reason.

Just trying to help, and let OP know they’re not alone in this problem.

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Im sorry WeirdNeville but ncb is correct and regardless of the fact that it is a 5900x we are still going to be CPU limited on the mainthread in certain situations and when that happens there is no time to feed the instructions to the gpu in an adequate fashion hence the under utilization.

If you want a clear idea of how your cpu cores are being utilized in this sim simply download HWinfo64 and run the sensors only selection. You will clearly see 1 core being completely utilized with a secondary and tertiary core doing various levels of work.

This sometimes results in choppy performance. My bandaid for that before service update 5 was to increase render scale to bring gpu utilization up. Nowadays with some of the work separated from the mainthread it isnt as bad as before but as long as there needs to be a mainthread coordinating the work the moment it gets overloaded the gpu will be waiting for instructions.
This happens irrelevant of gpu … my previous build was a 3700x RTX2080 Super with the very same issue.

The only general exception to this is 4k and high end VR where in most cases the 4k pixel push requirement keeps the GPU busy for it to be the limiting factor

“Im sorry WeirdNeville but ncb is correct and regardless of the fact that it is a 5900x we are still going to be CPU limited on the mainthread in certain situations and when that happens there is no time to feed the instructions to the gpu in an adequate fashion hence the under utilization.”

When that’s the case, it’s trivial for OP to identify using hwinfo64 or dev mode as has been pointed out.

What I’m pointing out is that I’ve noticed exactly this behaviour on a 6800XT - under utilisation, specifically refusing to exceed 45-46FPS when NOT CPU limited. It’s not the main thread limiting, because you can reset the pc and have the exact same system run the exact same scenario at 60+fps!

I agree op should check that they’re not CPU limited, but equally since su5 performance has improved dramatically and anyone with a high performance system should strive for 60+fps, and it’s frustrating when hardware bugs prevent that.

Thank you so much guys putting in the effort helping me forward.

I will download HWinfo64 and I’ll report back my results.
Mind a day or two.

Cheers Mark

I‘m a little curious and baffled.

You get 40+ FPS which is a perfectly smooth visual experience. After the recent sim updates there are basically no stutters anymore. Now the DC6 is a slow flying airliner, it banks slowly, it flies with around 250 knots ground speed, barely more than 170 knots when you’re close to the ground. Neither are you doing aerobatics with it nor any dogfights.

But still you spend your time on searching for issues why you don‘t get even more FPS?

The sim is not perfectly optimized yet and as said above the rendering channel in the SU5 alpha that increased the performance so much has been disabled by Asobo. There is nothing wrong with your system nor with the DC6. Why don‘t you just be happy about a fluent and smooth simulation and go flying? :smiley: I wish I had your system ^^

If im not main thread limited then i flip to GPU limited when my frames are unlocked with the card boost clock boosting to its factory overclocked spec or manual overclocked spec (if i have it enabled) and staying in the general vicinity plus or minus 50 to 300mhz as it should.

Among us we have three 6800xt’s With Three similar levels of performance. I don’t see the issue. I personally am not chasing 60fps and never had that until shortly after SU5 … we also paid dearly in degraded graphics for it. Now Post SU6 We finally have a decent balance where i can lock my frames at 50 have awesome visuals and not worry about it. Frankly the OP has nothing to worry about considering his setup is pretty much stock. running a slightly higher resolution and except for xmp is not overclocking any components.

In my opinion the hardware is working as advertised. ANY CURRENT GEN DECENT GRAPHICS CARD will be underutilized in a cpu limited situation UNLESS its resources are taken up pushing more pixels (4k/VR) … this is not just a 6800xt thing as i said before I observed it with my RTX2080 Super and when 3090s came out people were posting about the same thing on these very forums… happening to them. So how is the fault of the hardware ?

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Reading around, It looks like the DC6 may be the problem: Apaprently ASosbo disabled a render pipeline that it relies on for good performance, and this hurts FPS badly in that aircraft. Devs hope this will be fixed in a future update.

To check, I’d do a flight in it and see FPS, verify it’s around 45FPS as you note then swap out to a stock aircraft and check your FPS again. I’ll bet you see a jump to close to 60FPS.

Not sure about that test. Third-party aircraft, especially complex ones, tend to be heavier on performance hits than the default ones. Let’s put it this way: I’d expect the FBW A320 to perform more poorly compared to the default A320.

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