ToolTips popup doesn't close by itself - Third Party - VATSIM vPilot / IVAO

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The Tips popups used to show up and then close after x number of seconds. Now they don’t appear to close until you click on them. I’ve looked for a setting but can’t find one. This is particularly an issue on things like Vatsim where text messages appear as popups and so if you enter an area where lots of text messages are occurring, you need to keep clicking them off all the time while trying to fly the plane.

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Have a Tip displayed by using VA software or Vatsim. Note that it does not close.

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+1 on this bug report. This new behaviour since SU6 is incredibly annoying.

Please return this to previous behaviour

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Yeah, I noticed this as well so I had to turn them off in settings.

Incredibly annoying indeed.

Also mentioned in Software Tips don't go away - need to click on them to hide since Update 6 - #4 by GregTerrell

See title. Any idea if this is a bug or a feature? Before SU6, any VATSIM vPIlot text would appear on the screen if “Software Tips” was enabled in MSFS. The text would disappear automatically after a few seconds or refresh on its own when a new message arrived.

After SU6, the text doesn’t refresh anymore when new messages are sent and has to be clicked with the mouse to show the next message. Might be a vPilot issue with SU6 but just checking if others have noticed it too.

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This applies for LRM flight notices too. So I think it’s a change in the program, not a vPilot issue.

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Agree. Same thing happens with other 3rd party apps like OnAir Company. It would be oh so nice if that new “feature” could be disabled because many want to use the tips overlay but not everyone wants to use the mouse to hide it.

I think this can be closed or merged, as the same issue is mentioned in Tips popup doesn't close by itself and Software Tips don't go away - need to click on them to hide since Update 6 - #5 by drukqs11

A very annoying bug or “feature”.

Since the latest game update (Update 6) that the Software Tips, used thoroughly by 3rd party mods / live ATC, they don’t go away and they stay forever on the screen until we click on them, where they indeed disappear.

Is this as intended? If so, is there a way to change this behaviour to what it was before (disappear after a few seconds automatically), if not, pls fix :).


Can you provide a screenshot? Not sure I understand your issue?

I have this issue too. My tips are injected via fsuipc but they are set to show for 5seconds and disappear. But it no longer disappears since SU6. I have to click on it to disappear.

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Same here since the latest update.

Software Tips (below) usually they did disappear from the screen after a few seconds, now i need to click on them for them to disappear:


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Steam version
No Developer Mode

Brief description of the issue:
I fly online on IVAO. Text Communication received from others is displayed as a software tip (a notification). When software tips are enabled, they show, but do not disappear after a few seconds like they used to.

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: Unfortunately, I do not know. At Least SU6

Hi all!
Please report this to the 3rd Party vendor directly. They in turn report to Asobo.

Thank you!

@TenPatrol and @Hester40MT:

So you are saying, that the 3rd Party software “tells” the sim, how long the tip should be open?
If so, I am more than happy to contact IVAOs Software Department.

HOWEVER, this is an issue to VATSIM users also and they use a totally different software, which leads me to suspicion, that this is in fact a problem with MSFS itself.

Could you please provide some insights here?
Thank you.


Hi @ptPilot!
Thank you for responding. In cases where it may be MSFS at fault with 3rd Party addons, our guidelines are to have that 3rd Party vendor notify the developers. In turn, you as users of these products, notify those vendors.

In the #bugs-and-issues categories, we only want bugs/issues relating to using the “default” / “core” sim (no addons or 3rd Party). However, this particular topic we have left in #bugs-and-issues for the time being until we receive guidance from the developers.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the reply, but this issue has to be related to the core product… The behaviour of this pop-up notification has changed since SU6, whilst there have been no changes to “addons/3rd party” products that make use of this notification window, during this timeframe.

I’ve checked the SDK documentation, and there doesnt appear to be a way for 3rd party devs to control whether these notifications are persistent, or get auto-dismissed after a period of time (pre-SU6)… I’m therefore sceptical that 3rd party developers have any control over this notification window and fix “their side”

All we’re asking is to revert this to “pre-SU6” behaviour.