Toronto City Centre Airport

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Brief description of the issue: Water masking is screwed up around the airport and Toronto waterfront.

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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: Fly out of City Centre Airport

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When you fly around Toronto City Centre Airport (one of your Asobo upgraded airports) all of the watermasking is screwed up. You will see triangles all over the water all along the shoreline and around the airport. I have no mods in my community folder and this started after SU5.

The scenery was never really great for the Toronto region. But i also too noticed the water textures looked weird. They need to update this area of the map, as it still shows the ACC when it is no longer called that.

Which is silly because it was one of their hand crafted airports they bragged about.

To be fair, water masking was not great even in SU4, where you could see squares as different levels of ortho overlapped. But something has become significantly worse in SU5 in this regard. It’s like the layers aren’t playing nice so much to the point that on your approach to RW08, you can actually see what likely is a Jazz Q400 on approach, painted right into the water.

As you get closer, another layer of ortho quickly flickers ontop masking it but darn does it look bad. I’ve flown out of CYTZ in the sim more than any other airfield since TA3. This is the first time i’ve actually seen an aircraft captured in the photography. It likely was always there for further out ortho but due to the way texture LODs now work in SU5, it’s some of the worst I’ve seen yet.

EDIT: This clip is SU5, on the ultra preset, unchanged, 2560x1080, Core i9 10900k, RTX 3080 Ventas, and 64GB DDR4.