Water texture problem, square patches


When flying at low altitude over water I can see patches following the aircraft.
Empty community folder, RTX3070 with nvidia 466.27, high setting (including water)
Does anyone has the same problem?

It’s more noticable when flying very low, looking down in shallow waters with watermask


I saw the same issue yesterday around St. Barthelemy (TFFJ).

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Saw the same thing around Mont Saint-Michel last week-end.

Looks like the ground data (water) was loaded below the water mask one. It was only visible at low altitude. Haven’t seen it since.

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Can confirm this happens around TFFJ and Mont Saint-Michel, but not in some other areas with water masking that I checked, so it’s not a global issue. Best to include the exact location in a Zendesk report if you send one.

Saw this off shore of Wellington, NZ, loading blocks in as I flew toward the airport. It looked like there was some kind of water masking, that frozen wave/purplish ocean look that sometimes accompanies water masks (especially around St. Vincent in the Caribbean).

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