Towing plane altitude?

Is there any way to set the target altitude for the towing plane ? In my case it always starts signaling to release the tow at 1500m ASL.

Upvote this question, I would also like to know how to change the release altitude. I’m not even sure if that’s possible.

Yes, I guess it’s actually not possible. So I will create an entry in the wish list. But I don’t have much hope for such a request due to the large list of wishes. I would actually like to see something like Touching cloud’s kinetic assistance where you could records a towing planes route. But kinetic assistance does not really work any more and it appears that the developers lost interest.

just created :

Take a look here:

You can select this Robin for aerotow.

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Thank you. I’ll try that soon.

You can change that altitude . Just go into the confyg file and change it as you like. I did it for the Cessna 172 tow plane by going to : Flight Model - Reference speed - Spaw_cruise_ altitude ,wich is set at 1500 by default ,and changed to 3000. It works very well.


I’ve verified right now with the 2 default sailplanes. Something weird is going on. I set to 6000 ft AGL too and it won’t climb above 3000!!
Then I set it back to 1500 ft (as the original setting) but it still climb to 3000 ft. I don’t understand the rationals of all this and I would like to do other tests soon but I believe all this goes beyond my capability.

Anyone had succes modifying the altitude of release? I would love to take a hand on it.