Track IR Stops Working

PLease fix this


Keep the VOTES and Notes coming chaps - particularly any solutions such as Raynen’s solid workaround posted above. For us Track IR Pilots - Track IR is an indispensable part of Sim Procedures.

Frustrating - but posting/ Voting here is going to assist in getting a solution.


TrackIR does work, but it gets toggled off if it loses “contact”. There is a new “toggle head tracking” key to be assigned which turns it back on (or you can do it in the camera tab). Annoying but well so it is for now


I find it annoying as #%&4 for having to activate “headtracking” every time i enter a flight, spend time in a menu or have gone out of bounds for the tracking camera. the last one is really annoying as i like to do acrobatics. so i move my head around a lot. Only to find my camera resetting itself in the middle of a movement. CTRL+H is the default key now to “wake it up again”.


It’s definitely annoying. Having to do that at 450 KTS at ZERO feet in the Hornet going around the Mach Loop is just not viable when every millisecond counts.

But, CTRL + H is the HOTKEY to REACTIVATE lost TRACK IR when in FLIGHT.

Nice one DaikiDecimus.


How can you ship an update with half broken TrackIR functionality for a simulator with a lot of TrackIR users? I don’t understand. Especially now with the new air racing DLC

Please hotfix.


Same issue here. As soon as trackir loses line of sight with track clip it no longer works. I notice that the track ir diasapears from the options menu when it loses sight and them comes back when its on sight. Once this happens while in a flight it won’t work. Even resetting with f12 as per patch notes does nothing.

This is a MAJOR thing to break especially with something like reno air races being released. Trackir is crucial in that kind of content


what I found out is when you pause trackir, a few second later it’s get disable in the camera window!!
after that if you try to get trackir on it won’t work until you reset the trackir in camera menu EVERYTIME!!!


As said above: There is a configurable hot key now for doing this. However I agree that I don’t like that new feature, I don’t want automatic


That CRTL-H didn’t work for me.


That’s the Workaround for the moment.

Please keep VOTING this UP.
Then we’ll get a HOTFIX.

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Look for “toggle head tracking” the controls. If you have a custom keyboard profile you have to assign it yourself.

Raniel - are you saying “Toggle Head Tracking” in Control Assignments?

If so, that seems to work - then - CTRL+H works in FLIGHT - AFTER you’ve made that change in Controller Assignments.

Works for me but - All - can we confirm this please.

As we know - mileages can vary . . .

I’ve notice that if I move my head borderline to the edge of my TrackIR it will turn off in MSFSF 2020, then I have to turn it on in the Camera toggle, so as long as I dont move my head to the edge, I’m good.

Correct, soon as the communication is broken it switches off rather than resuming like previous.

Annoying when you look down at kneeboard or through charts / manuals then look back in the FOV again and it’s off.

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one more thing about this that is broken: using the pause hotkey for the trackir software toggles off your trackIR in game. this makes it hard to pause to click buttons in the aircraft. my god this is busted


skypilot - once you’ve assigned the “Toggle Head Tracking” in Controller Assignments - can you test that CTRL+H is Working/ Not Working.

We’re after the simplest / most expedient way of getting Track IR back to Focus after losing it - in flight - due to Track IR Camera losing Head-Tracker focus from the camera and putting the slider in Camera Settings to OFF.

CTRL+H doesn’t do anything for me, dont know if I have it binded thou. I will check.

Everyone posting on this thread is heavily dependent on Track IR - let’s make sure we’re posting 100% accurate observations from the Sim. It’s the only way we’ll fix it.
If you have key bindings - post them - if they’re not Default.

For repairing what’s happened to Track IR let’s get Defaults back to Default - and start there with analysis.


Doesn’t what it says in release notes about pressing the recentre button if it stops working work then?