Track IR Stops Working

Confirmed too. Drinking a cup of tea causes the TrackIR to switch off because the LED diodes on my Dealan Clip get blocked from the camera temporarily.



Temporary fix, program a button to “Toggle Head Tracking” undedr controls, and when it turns off you can turn it back on without having to go into the camera menu.


I work at a software company, and I see this kind of thing all the time. Devs that don’t use TrackIR in the same way as long time users do, and didn’t understand how it needs to work. And sprint work keeps coming, so no one knows to ask. To them it works, and not leaving it where it was when it stopped never even occurred to them. Best thing to do is upvote, and they’ll know. Fast.


TrackIR is the tool I use every time flying! If this does not work after an update a quick fix should be issued asap. Hope Asobo is working on that (also during the weekend)


I agree with you. I think the problem is they have no “real” simmers in the management. By real I mean actually invested in the hobby for a longer time and knowing the landscape. If they had a guy like Meyer from X-Plane I’m sure everything would look a lot different, with all the resources and branding they have.


For what it is worth, I have submitted a ticket at Zendesk for this yesterday: ‘Request #134472 TrackIR is turned off if TrackIR pause function is used’.

Sure hope they will fix this quickly.

I understand, but if they had only that pool of people to get devs from, Asobo would be down to about 40 people. Staffing devs for these specific applications can be a little difficult…

I wonder if it’s something to do with enabling the Tobii Eye Tracker in this release.

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Thanks skypilotYTS! Did you try binding the “Toggle Head Tracking” to the TIR Pause key also? Wondering if that might help. I did the same with my Alpha yoke and mapped pause/reset to buttons on it. I’ll test tonight.

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Asobo: Please fix this as soon as possible.

I did, and it has the exact same effect, so it really doesn’t matter which one you use as pause re-centers anyway at the moment.

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You know what’s really frustrating about this boo-boo here?
That they knew from the start they had broken it.

I mean, it was actually listed in the release notes as a “known issue”.
So they broke it, they knew it, didn’t fix it, and released it just the same, I imagine to be able to meet the deadline of the GOTY release.

It’s not even unbelievable, it’s just so sad :roll_eyes:.


You breing out an update and something like trackIR doesn´t work! What is this. It need to be fixed now!

Absolutely this. Ive personally purchased nothing through the in game store sinse SU5 debacle… I said I wouldn’t purchase anymore until big bug squashing updates appeared and I have stuck to my guns.

I’ll review the situation post SU8!

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It’ll re-enable TrackIR but also reset the view to the default position. Not what you want when pausing.

EXACT same issue to the letter here. No problems like this from initial release last year until now with SU7 update yesterday.

Semper Fi!

Roger! Have repeated this process multiple times (exit, reboot, start TrackIR, then sim); “stops” with moderate left/right/down head movements every time.

Everyone is fussing belligerently at Asobo for releasing SU7 while knowing full well that TrackIR was broken. I’m not an insider, but it behooves us all to remember that Asobo is a contract employee of Microsoft, and I suspect that Microsoft retains full control on deciding whether or not to release an update on the announced date. I, personally, believe that it vexed Asobo severely to have the Update released in its present state. I believe that the powers that be in Microsoft’s game division are the proper targets of our well-justified wrath.


I wholeheartedly agree. MS didn’t want to miss that release date I’m sure. Despite the issues with TIR.

“Track IR? They don’t need no stinking Track IR!”


I did say MS/Asobo in my post.

Even if MS are to blame for Asobo releasing it like that, Asobo should still fix it quickly.