TrackIR and cockpit controls


I’m using TrackIR and love flying with it. The only problem I have is the sensitivity when trying to use the cockpit controls. For example, to turn the OBS dial I place the mouse on the dial but any (and I mean any) head movement and I lose focus on the dial. Anyone have any recos how to fix this? At the moment, it’s nearly unusable as it takes forever to get anything dialed in.


i feel you i have the same problem
idk how to fix it exept disableing is then alos diable headtrack when you are using the ingame terminals

You can pause the TIR so there is no head movement, set the knob and then unpause TIR. Or you can try to modify a profile so that small head movements don’t result in such a large movement in the sim.


I use the Ctrl-# bindings to set the camera to whatever view is closest to the dial I need to move, then keep my head really still. It’s not the best solution, but it’s better than trying to do it from the default camera view. Gives more of a margin for error.

When you have two sidebuttons on your mouse, you can bind them with pause and center TRI
That is the simple an fast way for me.


The two most important buttons I have on my joystick are track ir pause and track ir center. One is under my thumb, the other is the trigger.
HAT switch is used for trimming.

Make trackir less sensitive in the middle.

I try to pause TrackIR with F9 after focusing on the dials I want to adjust. This limits the movement enough to keep the mouse on the dial pretty well without looking at it. After adjusting the dial, you can unpause with the same key.

If your flight control hardware can generate keystrokes, you might be able to program a button to send the F9, so you don’t have to access the keyboard.

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You can rebind joystick button in TiR sofware too. No need to be F9 key.

I thought that was possible, but I couldn’t find in TrackIR how to do that.

How is that done?

Search pausefunction on dropdown meny and press F9 icon winh mouse and press joystick button.

Hotkeys and action dropdownmenu.

LOL. It took me a while, but I finally found it. I had forgotten it was a profile setting.



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Have you considered using a voice controller? I use multi crew experience and can thoroughly recommend it. Means I don’t have to touch the mouse during flight. Makes for an awesome experience when used in conjunction with track ir.

Thanks all for the information! I’ve setup center/pause on the stick and that works well. I haven’t tried the voice controller yet but will give it a shot.

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Search for Multi Crew Experience on the forum search bar. You’ll find a link to it and I believe you can try before you buy. For me it is great.

@OriginalVojak, I looked at some videos of MCE and was not too impressed by it. It seems a little clunky to me for the price. For one thing, the voices I heard were pretty bad since it seems that most of the voices were from recorded clips of words that don’t sound good when together in a sentence. The other thing I didn’t like was that the user had to call up the ATC window every time he wanted to communicate with ATC.

Is it possible just to use Text to Speech in the program rather than the recorded clips, and do you really have to call up the ATC window each time you need to communicate?

I also didn’t see if you can manage the AP settings with the programs. For example setting ALT height, VS speed, and FML airspeed. Are those things possible within MCE?

Yes you can. Try the demo rather than trust videos exclusively.

You can say things like
“Engage Autopilot
Set flaps one, two, three, ten, fifteen, twenty, twnety five, full flaps
Arm spoilers
Set speed two four zero/ two hundred forty knots
Set descent rate sixteen hundred
Set altimeter two nine nine/ niner two”
Gear up"

And TONS of other stuff. There is very little you cant control with it.

etc etc

I dont mind the voices, they are fine and set against what this offers, a sideshow.

I’m not sure if you can record your own co pilot voice, but think so.

Anyway, I’m not here to sell it to you. Either try it or don’t - up to you!

I attempted to use it, but honestly, only getting 3 runs in a free trial is not nearly enough for me to put down that kind of money on it. They really should increase it and give people a little more time with it (especially considering the first two runs it didn’t work which left me with just one).

I used to have the same problem until I got real panels ,Saitek and logitech. Once I got those I didn’t have to worry about movement since they are real devices.

I think it’s thirty runs for thirty days whichever comes first.