Traffic at your 6 o'clock report when in sight, lol

I always have to giggle a bit when i hear it in an airliner and my co-pilot confirming it is even funnier.


Yeah I wish they would just program the sim not to bother asking if you can see traffic at 4 to 8 oclock to be honest.


hard to report something in sight when it’s up my rear


I am not flying between 4 and 8 o‘clock in the morning, so I am not affected by this.



ha ha… Very amusing. :laughing:

Easy enough to do since I do most of my flying in a bubble-canopy - a little bit of a clearing turn maneuver and presto - traffic in sight.

Wait, what? This is not a problem at all…I just use the external cam view :stuck_out_tongue:

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The purpose of such a callout is for deconfliction, right? You can’t be any more deconflicted when the traffic is behind you.

See liner zooming pass your windshield, couple feets away

“Traffic alert! X type of plane at your 6 oClock, less than 1 mile”

Thx i guess…

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Technically, in an airliner, that traffic would extremely likely show up in the ADSB readout, so, I think it’s actually a worthwhile callout to bring the traffic to the attention of the pilots, as, the only time ATC would bother notifying the pilots was if the traffic was headed for possible conflict.

In most cases, traffic to the 6 o’clock would not be an issue, but, I’m thinking something like a Cessna 414 with a jet approaching from the rear.

I find that 95% of the time the traffic is too far away to be seen unless you have labels on, which I don’t because they look wrong. Even max zoom on the view through the windows, I hardly ever manage to see the traffic, even looking up and down.

I’ve no idea how far away these things are, would be nice to only be informed if it’s reasonably close range at a similar altitude, but it doesn’t seem to work like that.


Response: “Traffic not in sight” :man_shrugging:

Are you also driving on the highway with that in mind?

If it’s coming up on the same heading with greater airspeed…

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That makes me wonder what the other pilot is doing. Probably looking over his shoulder as well. :slight_smile:

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Yes but unlike the Traffic in sight response, the Traffic not in sight response doesnt clear the ATC window even if the other pilot reports traffic in sight. Nor is ATC capable of instructing us to change to a specific heading to avoid a potential collision either.


gap in the market: rearview mirrors for airplanes lol

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Never mind traffic at six o’clock, I some times wonder whether I need to change my glasses as the Co-pilot confirms many traffic invisible to the naked eye! :joy:


And a trip to the chiropractor. :grinning:

I used to be aircrew at one point, and we called it “Doing the Linda Blair” as in her infamous scene in The Exorcist movie.


The only time ATC should warn you about an aircraft is if it’s possible you’re paths might conflict within some amount of distance, likely 1 mile. If that’s possible, ATC should say something. Given we now have ADSB, that’s especially true, because, especially with airliners, those aircraft should show up on the screen.

I realize that the traffic might be too far away to be seen. There’s lots of time in the air that I’m warned of traffic, say 500 feet below me to my 7 o’clock, I say I’m looking for traffic, I say I don’t see it, and ultimately ATC says it’s no factor.