"Travel to" completely broken, how do you fly long flights without sitting them out?

I used to fly with the A32NX mod quite a bit last year, and I usually never had any issues with the “Travel to” feature throughout my flights apart from the autopilot getting disconnected. I started playing again recently, and I can almost never get “Travel to” to work anymore…

Just last night I tried to skip ahead to the descent phase, and instead of spawning me at my FL390 cruise, I spawned at 1500 feet and in a incontrollable barrel roll to the ground! If I’m lucky, I at least get to skip the barrel roll part but I have to fly at 2000-4000 feet to the airport, which completely ruins the experience.

I’m aware that the mod warns for these kinds of things. And that there’s the fast forward feature, but even with that it’s quite slow as A32NX caps it to x4. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I suppose the main question is, what are you supposed to do if you don’t want to sit through 1-6 hour flights?

You can use sim rate feature.

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I mentioned that in the post, I find it too slow even on max for longer flights. IIRC it’s capped at 4x with the mod enabled.

Why would you want to skip the flight? Do you only play the beginning and the end of strategy games, RPGs, FPS games?


I wouldn’t call that a fair comparison. In the above mentioned games, almost everything happens between the start and finish. But the period between TOC to TOD in flight sims is highly uneventful unless you enjoy switching radio channels or sending frequent METAR requests.


The same could be said when I put AP on and go to bed.

In your case I would limit my flights in terms of distance.
Flying a plane must be devided into several parts.

  1. create and file a flightplan
  2. prepare the plane according to the filed flightplan ( PAX, cargo, fuel etc.)
  3. run through several checklists
  4. take off and climb to cruise altitude
  5. cruise
  6. decent and prepare for approach and touchdown
  7. taxi to a gate, unload and end the flight.
    Skipping the cruise part of the flight feels like cheating.
    This is a simulator, not a game…

Happy :small_airplane:


While I also never skip (I wasn’t even aware that was a feature…where is that in the MCDU?) I sometimes think if I should. I’d like to fly some routes but stay away simply because I too don’t want to spend 6 hours in cruise, especially if there is a good chance it’ll just CTD at the end.

It’s probably just an Asobo issue after the skip for you…I find sometimes after I spawn in in flight (after a CTD) all sorts of things are wrong…eg. the TBM will randomly at 20k act like it just landed, sounds and all. It’s just another feature that’s technically there, but broken if you look even slightly deeper.

I don’t really see what’s so interesting between the TOC - TOD for longer flights. I’d just like to be able to fly routes I’ve flown in real life while polishing my pre-flight, takeoff, descent & landing skills as well as enjoying the scenery of these places.

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You don’t have to defend yourself.

I think for a lot of players the journey is part of the fun. A long flight doesn’t feel like such if you just skip, it doesn’t feel like an achievement if you will. And most people will just do something else while the plane is going…eg. watch sometime on youtube, or read a book. Even on vatsim you often don’t have coverage so it’s not always super demanding.

But like I said, I totally understand it’s not for everyone.

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It’s in the top toolbar, here:

I think it only works if you punched in the flight plan in the built-in planner before flight though, even if you have A32NX set to sync.

It’s just a bit frustrating not being able to fly like I’d like to because they can never get this feature to work with the recent sim updates… IIRC it does the same thing even in the vanilla B748.

Oh I see…yeah I never use the in built planner. For IFR I just use simbrief and for VFR…well I either manually put it into the garmins roughly or just fly fully visual. I used to use it to get ATC…but well that seems pretty useless too now so I’ve given up on it.

I totally play take off and landing practice because that is eventful, the bit in between is monotonous except for the scenery.


One method that works in 99% of the cases is this:

  • pick some waypoint before TOD that you see fitting
  • get the coordinates of said waypoint from e.g. little navmap
  • activate dev mode and open teleport window
  • enter waypoint coordinates
  • teleport
  • manually set time/weather/payload etc you expect at this point of flight
  • press y and get back on track etc.

It’s a bit of work but it can save you many hours on long haul flights.

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That sounds promising! How does the MCDU react to the sudden teleport? I’ve noticed that at least in the “Travel to” feature, the plane sometimes still thinks it’s in the location I skipped from which makes the autopilot unusable.

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Don’t know about the FBW, but the Salty 747 and Heavy 787 keep all the settings and the MCDU “skips” through all the waypoints that you jumped over. While it’s calculating you can use heading mode until the next waypoint is the correct one for using (L)NAV. Guess it will work as good in the FBW, maybe you have to use direct to.

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Step away from the sim for grocery shopping, or just a walk outside, or doing the laundry or cleaning, watching YT videos, learning new stuff about the places you fly to. You name it.


If you want to sit through the entire cruise phase, that’s an option.
But I’m seeking out an alternative to the broken “Travel to” feature to skip that.

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I use this one:

Just click on the map and select Teleport.

Will it use fuel though?