Tree at end of runway 1A3

Is this a sim issue or something one would fine in real life? 1A3 20

This is a known issue in the sim. At least 50% of the airports I’ve landed at throughout the Virtual World are like this. However, I’ve only landed at maybe 650+ airports across the MSFS virtual globe.

It might have helped increase sales of STOL aircraft addons in game too. In touring differnt locations, short airstrips are made even shorter due to this common tree obstacle issue. I wasn’t a “Bush” pilot befor MSFS, but having a STOL aircraft really helps one to finish their flights within the MSFS virtual World.

I’m pretty sure I saw a developer stream or saw it listed in one of the Developer Update Blogs where they said “We’re looking into it.” :slightly_frowning_face:


Talk to Bijan he can get rid of it for you

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That’s a tough runway to begin with with the mountain peaks surrounding it.

I figured it was a glitch at least it seems you can ghost through the trees. Scary in VR.

You are right, I encountered that at other airports in the area. It’s actually quite an issue as sometimes you can even make a visual identification on the runway.

In my experience, it is rare to be able to fly through the trees on approach without causing a critical damage (crash). This is a really good justification to disable crash damage. However, I still choose to fly with full real settings and crash damage, as it helps me reinforce better decision making in my future flights.

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I got lucky then. I figured it might be like the ground crew and trucks that are always running into me.

I made a couple go arounds on this one before I tried landing. Landed mid runway+ the first time but then decided to see if I could clip through the tree if I took a normal approach.

The live pause I did here didn’t end so well. Fell like a rock after un-pausing.

It’s pretty apparent in many bush trips as well, even the official ones. It’s beyond me why autogen airports don’t receive a larger tree-free area before runways.

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You can also use this addon to help!

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I’ll see if I can get a before and after shot.

I did check Bing and Google. There seem to be trees there but the imagery isn’t that great on any source. But it does look like the trees are considerably shorter.

I think the sim is good on flaura in general. But not what people would do with it in glide paths.

While there is a fauna setting, I’ve never seen animals other than the same two guys that work at every single airport. I thought I saw deer at the same airport (there is a notice) but it was just runway signs.

Thank you for the heads up on that! Will definitely check it out.

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Another example. The placement of wind turbines on approach to Brough Aerodrome (EGNB) RWY 30 appears to match Little NavMap. Runway Protective Zone for obstruction and incompatible land use might be a little off as shown in FS2020. Click on photos to zoom in.

Are the wind turbines native or from the community “we love vfr”?

My add-on doesn’t add wind turbines. Simple reason -we can’t remove default ones yet :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! I didn’t know if wind turbines were included in the default since so many other things were not.

Yes…a known hazard at many small airports. I’ve crashed into a couple of trees at night doing vertically guided ILS approaches lol.

IRL that aerodrome closed in 2013…

That’s why the turbines are now there.

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I’ve found wind turbines are quite popular in Scandinavia, western Europe, as well as state side.
This example is from an earlier post I made elsewhere on the forums. Wind turbines can be found rotating in sync or free spinning. Wind setting in FS2020 was not a factor.
FS2020 default scenery.

The issue is that sim has only one turbine model, which is like that giant one. In real world there could be some small relatively short turbines. Like in our University campus we have some array or small wind turbines (maybe 15-20 meter high), they are marked on the maps, so sim puts these giant ones which actually start to overlap with each other, because they are too big. :slight_smile: