Trees in Iceland

After Sim Update 5, I was hoping Iceland would be fixed. Iceland only has trees in small sections of the country. If there are trees, they are usually very small trees, shrubs mostly. Iceland is mostly a treeless landscape. Thank you.

Same probably goes for many other territories as well. Whatever data MS/Asobo uses to determine landclass or vegetation it places trees “everywhere”. Makes you wonder if this is how it works internally:
[BING Map has green colors]=“PLACE TREES” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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True but I posted this given they released the Nordic update and was hoping at least Iceland would be fixed.

Hopefully - and with time they will get on top of solving these issues. They need better defined data, or filtered injection into the sim (I really don’t have a clue how its done)

I do feel the same, rather frustrating to witness Iceland having lumber all of a sudden :sweat_smile:

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There are trees in the ARCTIC CIRCLE at Point Barrow, AK LOL

Way above the tree line.


Wish there was progress on the Scenery Gateway system. If users could edit land classes and vegetation exclusion areas, which are then incorporated into sim updates or streaming scenery, this would already be fixed.

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Yup. I didn’t point that out yet as they didn’t do an “Arctic Update”

There are forests in the middle of Kansas farmland. Seems to be a generally over-zealous tree generator algorithm.

Until Asobo fix it, you can use Iceland Tree Fix Mod

Good evening !
I would like to add that Ushant Island (Île d’Ouessant, France) is also covered with trees, whereas there aren’t any in the reality. I think it’s due to the fact that all western France is widely considered to be in the same oceanic temperate decidous forests biome . But that’s not the case for the western tip of french Brittany.
Thank you !
(sorry if I posted it in the Iceland topic)

I’ve been disappointed to see trees at the top of mountains in the Lake District in England. As a rule of thumb there are very few, if any, trees above 1,500 feet in the UK.

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