Tricks and hacks for X52/X52 pro


I add a few issues with my old X52, and I found the solution for each of it, so I thought it would be useful to share these solutions here.

  • Lubrication: if, like me, you have difficulty making precise movements, especially around the centre, you can lubricate the ring that slides at the base of the joystick. What doesn’t work (I’ve tried): WD40, silicone grease spray, teflon grease spray, lithium grease. It only makes the problem worse.
    I solved the problem by applying a small dose of lip balm on top of the ring with a toothpick (I used Labello, an international brand I think, Chapstick is fine too, the cheapest the better).
  • Accuracy improvement: add magnets in the base. It’s cheap, efficient, very simple and reversible Saitek x52 simple magnet mod - YouTube The guy adds 4 magnets in the video, I added 8 of them, and I like the result.
  • Removing the detents in the throttle. These hard spots are useless in MSFS. Plus, removing them will make your throttle less hard to manipulate. Saitek X52 Throttle Fix - YouTube It seems that your can use the grease to lubricate your stick (I didn’t try).
  • The rubber-like grip becomes sticky (especially if your joystick remained unused for a while). You can try applying a little oil, or talcum powder. If the coating is really too damaged, you can remove it with a cloth soaked in ammonia (do this in a ventilated room).
  • You can adjust the strength of the spring using nylon cable ties to soften it, by attaching 2 or 3 of the spring rings. To harden it, see these videos:
    Saitek x52 Spring Tension Mod - YouTube
    Saitek X52 Pro Zip-Tie mod #1 - YouTube
  • If you have problem with some buttons/sliders not usable in MSFS, try to uninstall the Saitek/Logitech software, and the associated drivers. I have less problems with the integrated Windows drivers, but I loose the advanced programming functions.

Hope it helped!


THX for sharing