Trim Control input BUG

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Trim Up/Down (through default keyboard controls or bound to hotas) button press produces miniscule trim input followed by a delay of about half a second followed by continual input. This is not how Trim works (on any aircraft, or for that matter in any flight simulator post 1997). It’s like typing on a keyboard, if I hold down B (for Bug, or Bad Design) then I will see the letter B and after a short delay I will see BBBBBBBB until I stop pressing the B key. Trim input in MSFS is operating the same way - it’s wrong. It should be instantaneous and continuous trim up or down whilst button is held. On light aircraft fitted with an electric trim, that little button is the most frequently used button on the aircraft…it’s a shame that such an important and frequently used control is wrong in MSFS. I see other control surface inputs working the same with this keyboard delay…the difference with Trimis that you’re not modelling an analogue yoke or a stick - you’re modelling a button on the yoke or stick, and therefore should model it in the way it actually works in aircraft.

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Jump in the DA40, look at the trim wheel, hold trim up key. should be instantaneous and continuous movement of trim wheel and trim surfaces until release of trim up key.

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not relevant

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Any chance this is related to your keyboard setup related to “repeat delay” and “repeat rate” for inputs?
I know the issue seems to definitely affect some people and not others very much at all, so not sure it’s something in the sim, or in the keyboard/peripheral setup in windows.
Just some thoughts…

Thanks - but it’s all default windows.
I could probably change it to suit MSFS.

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But at least my trim on MSFS would work properly :grinning:

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