Trim Wheel sensitivity

Before Sim Update 5, the trim wheel was very slow and took several full rotations with the Honeycomb Bravo wheel. Now after Sim Update5 its overly sensitive, making it very hard to level a small GA aircraft. Can we get sensitivity options in the settings to at least dial it in ourselves?

Interesting, I’m finding the new setup much better and easier to set trim. There are sensitivity settings in the control assignment section - from memory on the left side near the top for each peripheral.


Is the Bravo wheel an axis or just 2 buttons (or a rotary encoder)?

I use two buttons on my joystick for trim, and totally agree with the OP. Trim sensitivity was increased at least 10x, or the behavior changed for worst. This renders the only plane I enjoy in this sim ( the JPL modded 152) semi useless. You can’t enjoy hand flying without proper trim. Sadly it’s clearer every day that serious simmers are not the target of this release.

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I don’t have the Bravo but trimming using the electric trim switch on the Honeycomb Alpha is more sensitive as well. A single tap of the button moves the trim too far now. Prior to SU5, it was pretty much fine.

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I too am having some strange behaviour on trim wheel.

I am using a Saitek X56 and have it set to trim with one of the throttle wheels… It worked fine until this last update. But now I have no control over trim at all. I have confirmed that this is the only input for the control. I see in the control mapping menu that the axis is there and responds correctly to my input. But when I am in the plane. Nothing happens.

I look around as I hear a constant clicking noise. I find that it’s “pitch trim” button on the virtual flight-stick in game that is spamming input.

Could this be the same problem?

I think there is a long and confusing history behind this. Once upon a time, there was a bug/feature that resulted in both the trim and the heading adjust moving at 10x speed. For heading adjust, this was a disaster but some people actually liked the trim this way. When the fix was put in (around about SU3, I think) it removed the 10x multiplier for both the heading and trim adjust. People were thrilled with the fix for the heading but many found the trim adjust to be painfully, painfully slow.

Many people wanted the 10x multiplier added back for the trim adjust but I personally saw this as a horrible way to fix it. If you do a 10x multiplier then your digital trim (button presses, even if they come from a wheel, like on the Bravo) will move 10x with every step. You completely lose any ability to make fine adjustments.

For that problem, of needing an increase in speed but also to be able to keep the ability to do fine adjustments, I came up with a way to improve it using freeware apps: [Video Tutorial] Fix your Digital Trim Wheel (Bravo, Logitech, Desktop Aviator, etc.) in-game speed AND precision using freeware

My hope was that when Asobo addressed the issue they would NOT just put back the 10x multiplier that many users were asking for. I guess they did just put back the 10x multiplier. I wish they could have done something like I did, with slow movements of the trim adjust giving small changes and fast movements giving bigger changes, but I can see where many users would also call this a bug.

I don’t know what the right fix is but with the 10x multiplier apparently put back in I don’t see any way to make fine adjustments.

My experience is the complete opposite.

I got a Trim Wheel in SU4. It was terribly sensitive. A nudge or one move of a notch was a 5 degree change or more. An inadvertent quarter turn would be a disastrous nose high or low attitude immediately.

Now it’s better. One notch is closer to about 1-2 degrees change.

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i can get a 500+ fpm swing in one single tap of the trim now. it’s way too sensitive to be even remotely functional.

There’s no sensitivity settings for the trim because its just two buttons nose up /nose down. all the sensitivity options are for the lever axis. I think the trim needs to be redone with an axis to resolve this.


It really goes to show how this simulator is “flown” by the masses, that this issue hasn’t been brought up more.

Also, I can’t remember the last simulator I used that didn’t allow you to customize trimming sensitivity. So yeah, it’s a must really.

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