Trouble with Schurz airport in Sierra bush trip

When I land at this airport, it doesn’t register the leg as completed. It is a really weird airstrip.I’ve tried stopping in the middle section between the two long “roads” on the left and right, as well and both of the left and right roads.

Looking at am image on Google maps, is the runway actually the east-west thing on the map?



It is the east-west feature. Landing on that triggered the next leg.


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Thank you very much. I had the same problem. Landed on the right N-S road. I was able to just taxi over to the E-W road and stop, and it registered finally. Did not have to actually touch down there.

This after replaying the leg 10 times, and attempting to reset by playing the previous leg even more times.

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Bingo!, thanks.

Legend, thanks for this. Tried three times before I came here looking for an answer. Thank the community yet again.

I wonder who decided to include these “no longer an airstrip” locations in the bush trips? There are plenty of actual airports and airstrips in the area…


Thank you so much, you saved my day. This needs a better description in the log book for sure.

That Nav Log could use a whole lot of work - legs around this one (I too landed on the wrong strip - got lucky I happened to taxi 2nd time).

Without having google maps open while flying, maybe a 1/3 of the time I wouldn’t know what they are talking about {whether “go east” or “go west” (sometimes seems just wrong) or “look for this…”} or where I am supposed to go.

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