Trying to start MSFS, says insert disc

Been trying to start MSFS for the last hour, and it says to insert disc. I got this from the MSFS store, downloaded, and have no disc. What can I do?

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it’s happening to everyone don’t panic

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  1. Perhaps starting by checking the forums for users with the same issue?
  2. Depending on which version you have, you might need to log into the Xbox app or store
  3. If there is an outage you might have to wait for it to be fixed.

Whew, glad to hear that… Thanks.

Same for me, just trying to enjoy the sim on my day off, and Asobo and Microsoft apparently don’t like that idea… lol


This sim is almost worse than managing a real airplane. A real airplane has more dispatch reliability.


Same for me :slight_smile:

Same for me. This blows!

same here. Insert disc

Yes, I noticed that I did not have live weather or my usual Photogrammetry great display of my local Pensacola KPNS airport and surrounding area… I knew something was wrong…
A nice Data Cache would have helped resolved my photogrammetry area but , of course, that does not function reliably either…Bah Humbug…

Same here also. Also getting message Connect to the internet. The funny thing is I am connected because I sent this post.

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Same here as well, looks like license server outage

Same here. Just noticed it happened after Navigraph airac 2204 v2 update

I guess this shows that if something happens to the mS servers, you can’t even play the sim offline. Your sim turns into a brick…


+1 it looks like Microsoft thinks I’ve no more License

Money well spent. Guess its DCS time.


Run to the hills
Run for your lives

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Major Outage

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Be patient :smiley:

Smth is wrong with xbox live

Thought it might be a bad install. So I uninstalled it. Went back into the store to reinstall and I don’t see Flight Simulator.

Two nights ago, for no apparent reason the entire app reinstalled.

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