Trying to start MSFS, says insert disc

Amazing… Everyday you have a new surprise. What´s next Microsoft?


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I think the outage it getting worse instead of better.


Oh well. I guess I will read the C310R manual instead of fly :slight_smile:


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Ow, hello, are you new to cloud gaming?

I’m not getting the insert disc, but get message saying I have to be online to open this device. And like others, the sim won’t come up.

Hmm, for me I get this message:

But it does load after I hit Ok (it’s stuck a while at checking for updates though).

(20) Xbox Support on Twitter: “We’re aware that some users are unable to purchase games, launch games or start Cloud Gaming sessions. Our teams are investigating. Please keep an eye here and on our status page for updates.” / Twitter

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What’s a disc? If it’s one of those things I think it is, I thought it was a beer coaster.

Thank you for the update

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I think the problem may be MS Store. It was apparenty updated today and the license items do not appear in the library, just the base game. But it´s not only MSFS as many other apps that were there before are missing now, including some bundled with Windows.


should´ve read that thread first… just deleted it because i thought the fault´s on my end :rofl:

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Same here. I restarted my modem and it finally loaded… probably had nothing to do with it.
Looks like a server issue on their end.

Always check here first, it’s a good indicator of problems.

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yep…same here

Say again, where should I insert the disk?


Everyone will get a free add on for the inconvenience…… wait MS don’t do free

I could tell you where, but the Mods will get upset if I do !!


There needs to be a way to launch MSFS in an OFFLINE mode, that does NOT require you to have set it to OFFLINE last time you ran it …

When you find you cannot start MSFS when MS servers are down, it too late to try to set it to OFFLINE Mode with the program’s menus - as you cannot get to them … CATCH 22