Turbulence Shake

I wonder if its possible Asobo could add more shaking to the camera views during turbulence, at the moment to me it seems a bit sedate, certainly if youre looking out from the wing views and seeing the wing flexing but no head/camera movement.


Your post is better for the #self-service:wishlist area on the forum as this is for feature requests.

There is a current wish list for shaking (takeoff roll, landing roll & turbulence) you may want to cast your vote on:

For more “shaking” in the wishlist:
Search results for ‘shaking category:163’ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Feature requests can also be submitted to zendesk:


Things have changed at some point i had a very turbulent flight last week and it seems to me there is stability inside the cockpit of my tbm now, it was strange the horizon shaking side to side up and down travelling over mountains but adjusting controls was as stable as it was sat on the runway.

I dunno, man… This turbulence I experienced seems pretty scary to me…

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yes, but now try wing view…no movement

Well, wing view is a fixed point. It’s like attaching a camera to the window looking out to the wing, so its movement is locked to the fuselage. That’s why you don’t have camera shake.

but that is my point :wink:

Keep an eye on the 3rd party app FSRealistic.

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Not Scary enough. Watch this video…

I would like to be able to turn camera movement off entirely, so annoying when maneuvering or flying in turbulence, trying to scroll something into the flight guidance panel and then suddenly zooming in or out instead…

I’ve modified the zooming action so that I have to additionally have to push the right mouse button when using the scroll wheel.
No unintentional zooming anymore.

I will try that, I did something similar before but somehow the keybindings got reset after some update :expressionless:. Still it would be useful to be able to switch camera motion off entirely. Problem still remains that it is difficult to scroll things into the flight guidance panel, Garmin etc. when flying in turbulence or maneuvering.

Confirmed, especially when I want to do serious IFR training I definitely would like to be able to remove the camera shake.
Nice for immersion, bad for precision.

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