Turbulences have been reduced by 90%

Since su 10 i felt the air around airports without METAR feels much more real.

Here at ESUE airport in Sweden calm winds are reported on Meteoblue between 2-5KTS. Feels calm to me. Not completely calm/constant but thats how air should feel.

What are your thoughts?

Not a test only to tell i like to fly in air that feels alive even in calm winds.


Can you move the thread so that it is under [30] in the proper spot for Release Note feedback? I think that’s what the OP intended but didn’t know how.

No, because the template wasn’t used by the OP nor are any posts made to it using the template.

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Agree and this thread is more of a general discussion about turbulence. Correct me if i’m wrong. I have not seen a single test of thermals below 3kts in this.


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