Turn On Turbulence

Other than the Assistance menu option for realistic is there something else I have to turn on to get cloud turbulence?

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Have you checked to make sure that Live Weather is still enabled in Options/Data/Live Weather?
Also make sure that once you start a flight that the Sim isn’t using a preset.

Live weather enabled. Had 20 to 40mph winds today but no turbulence.


That’s odd for sure.
I’m looking on the global map now to find some cloudy areas to check out.

Seems like Asobo may not have addressed the cloud turbulence yet despite them saying they will in the Q/A development update for SU12. Sad! I will do more flying to say this for sure but it’s crazy to think that we did have good cloud turbulence when the Sim was release and now for over a year we haven’t had any cloud turbulence! Clouds are just an object in the Sim with almost no effect!


Flying around USCG in heavy clouds. I had no turbulence.
Live Weather on. Turbulence Setting to realistic.


Yes i remember the cloud had turbulence at release. But i heard the clouds caused the aircraft to decrease in performance or something.


I bet the su12 is featurecomplete and only needs testing of those release notes. I would also like to have turbulence in clouds. But that they have not focused on in this version it seems.

I wish we could have specific weather/atmosphere update, call it AU1 or something that only focuses on the environment the aircraft we are using lives in.


ATU01 update (atmospheric Update 01)

It has a really good ring ti the ear and gives me shivers if they can do it!


Yes, in my opinion much more important than those world updates. An ATU would be useful for every single user because everyone uses the same atmosphere while flying. An updated region only affect those users that fly at that updated region.


Agreed, but atmospheric updates won’t suddenly get followed up by a flood of 3rd party airport purchases in the marketplace like WU do.


I think if the atmosphere improves more users stay and want to buy new 3rd party addons. Because all of the addons uses same atmosphere. If the atmosphere we fly in improves the atmosphere feels fresh for all of the users. Well, not my decissions. Only what i think. I know the sim needs all of the money they can get to keep give us free updates.


Did they at least remove the -2000 max fpm updraft and downdrafts? I was looking forward to that most and didnt see it in the changelog

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I am wondering the same. Even if it is implemented it does not mean that turbulence inside clouds (that are different than up/downdraft) base on cloud types have been implemented in SU12.

They said that realistic setting of turbulence should have unlimited up and downdrafts. Not tested it much yet.

Make sure to set the turbulence at realistic setting. It’s set at low as default setting.

The could turbulence is a different thing though. That they need to implement first that the air is mor unstable inside specific clouds.


Ill try flying in this storm off the coast of Africa with the default 172 with realistic turbulence on and dev mode on and see what happens


I’ve noticed a complete absence of turbulence with Realistic set. I’ll try toggling to Med or Off then back to Realistic.

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Flying on the edge of this storm. With sustained winds around 40 knots I’m getting nil turbulence and a vertical wind/updraft reading around 100-200fpm. Nothing more than 200…


To me this “realistic” setting brings the same results as before. I have no idea what they were changing. Either they changed nada apart from adding this selector, or the weather stream is limited until this update is released.


Folks - this is being investigated by Dev Team - status “Feedback Logged” as you can see in the Tags. Thanks.