Turning on night lighting "earlier"

Is there a way to turn night lighting effects on earlier than the default? P3D allowed for a GRAPHICS edit to the CFG by adding a few lines which allowed for tweaking how soon the lights turned on before dusk, and how soon the lights turned off after sunrise:


I don’t see how this would work for MSFS 2020. But, any info / input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Totally agree on this.
IRL, especially during murky overcast days, you’ll see the the streetlights coming on plenty of time before it gets “dark”.
MSFS seems to follow the FSX model, when sun reaches the horizon, on comes the lamps.
While in reality, you can see the lamps well before their effect on the ground becomes visible.


Has anyone noticed that the night lighting doesnt start to come on until well after dusk? And if its dusk and you have cloudy or overcast conditions at the same time, it’s almost pitch black with no night lighting. IRL and in other sims [including previous MSFS’s] the night lighting seemed to be triggered by how dark it was not a specific time of day. So heavy thunderstorms at 5 o clock in the summer with heavy dark overcast should absolutely trigger the night lighting, or at least some of it like the street lights.

Sounds feasible, you have my vote. :slight_smile:

Not sure on the difficulty of implementing it but I up-vote that.

I would think[quote=“LovesickChief13, post:3, topic:287018, full:true”]
Not sure on the difficulty of implementing it but I up-vote that.

I would think it’d be based on ambient lighting level. The other sims including FSX did it. This kind of ties into the issue where the terrain is too dark when it’s overcast during the day. I know that was also a reported issue.

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Just wanted to let you know that there is another topic for turning on night lighting when it’s not nice out. You can feel free to vote for both of these if they both interest you:


Thx for the heads-up, definitely worth a vote as valid points are being raised. Dropped some screenshots in the new thread to explain what’s missing.