Turtle Beach Velocity one flight stick clicking

Hi All, received the flightstick for Christmas and all seems to be working great. Do any other owners have a clicking sound when moving the stick forward and back, left and right? Move the stick very slowly and it’s fine but moving slightly faster results in a click sound on each axis for me.


I 'm also experiencing some issues with their new stick. It is extremely sticky. You can actually hear and feel the plastic gimbal rubbing as you move the stick around.

I’d like to try applying some Nygel grease to it but I’m not sure how really. I don’t typically fair too well after taking apart cheap plastic joysticks so I’m hesitant, tbh.

For my particular issue, I sent a video to customer services with a explanation of experience. They responded to say ‘After speaking to a few co-workers and reviewing 2 units myself I can confirm that the clicking is normal on some Flight Sticks, and is not an issue.’ To be fair, it’s something I don’t really notice when playing so will live with it if they deem it ‘not an issue’.