[Tutorial] How to get airliners traffic closer to reality with real liveries

Hello guys,

Like many people, I can’t wait to get a better commercial AI traffic because ai aircrafts in MSFS is not realist.

However, now you can get something very satisfying for free and in easy steps (sorry for my bad english i’m french) :


Edit : deleting instructions, moving mod on flightsim.to


More demos :



Hi! Thank you very much for this!!
Do you know if it works if you have a few of the included airports in Europe as payware airports (for example EDDH is included in the package, and I use the Aerosoft version).

Best regards


Hi Jan,

Yes they work on my payware sceneries

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Just noticed the pushback work with the ai aicrafts :

Seem liveries matching is less good in Europe than in the USA, I will see if I can improve this.

Exemple : KLM is ok but British Airways is replaced by SAS. It is not a big problem because BA are replaced by an europeen airline and heavy aircraft seem ok.

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Sorry, I’m going extremely confused with all the different mods and options out there, and the multiple ‘coming soon’s’ from projects that are also quite unclear to me (AIG / FSLT or something), the infighting between different crowds, the non-delivery of anything useful… other mods… promises but nothing substantial… added with my ignorance it leads to frustration. Someone explaining what the fuss is about and why this is all so problematic, or why it needs to take a year, in a nice simple presentation… would be a joy.

Anyway… one question…

If I install all this… is it only to populate airports or are they also all flying, taking off, taxiing?

Same, its why i search a solution while waiting to have something perfect.

With this tutorial you get:

  • Flying aircrafts
  • Taking off, landing and taxiing aircrafts
  • Statics aircraft at gates on majors airports in north America, Europe and Asia.

In fact we replace the default ai planes, the traffic from flightaware remains the same, just realist planes.


Nice mod - - does it work for VATSIM online traffic?

I have not tried but normally yes

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Thomas - this might even work with Enhanced Live Traffic. Going to test and will report. This could be really nice! Thanks!


Going to try this, if it doesn’t work I will make it work :slight_smile: Tomorrow probably.

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Looks like it works very good with Enhanced Live Traffic

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After installing IVAO Altitude, I have a couple icon’s on my desktop (Pilot Client & Pilot Core), do I need to run either of these programs?

Well I tried this but my MSFS now will not load past the New Activities loading screen. I never had a problem loading the sim before installing this. Any ideas?

There seems to be a system outage. Not sure what the status is.

So this stuff might be unrelated.

No dont need to use this :slight_smile:

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Yea they took the banner down from the forum pages and posted that the sim is back online. So I didn’t think the game was still down. Anyway I uninstalled this package and I still can not get the sim to load. I don’t get any connection errors. I just get to the New Activities loading screen and the sim never goes any further. I am in Texas if it matters. Maybe the sim is still down and they jumped the gun here saying it’s fixed.

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Seem msfs servers are stuck at this moment

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Thank you. I’ll try this package again whenever MS/Asobo gets their act together.

Does this mod only work with the airports listed in Static AI* - mods from FSMM? If so, what will I see at all the other airports? Anything?